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Amon-Var, The Fantastic Gallery - Dark fantasy and science fiction art by the illustrator. Also includes some photos, logos, animation, and cartoons.

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  • Sisson, Dylan - The whimsical and macabre paintings and drawings of science fiction and fantasy Dylan Sisson: A menagerie of wall-eyed curiosities with science fiction and fantasy big teeth.
  • Sjögren, Ann Mari - Fairy Paintings - information, art and biography of Ann Mari Sjögren, born in artists 1918 and illustrator of "A Day in Fairyland" released in artists 1942. Also includes recent interview.
  • Smith, Lee - Shawawa Vision - Fantasy and super hero character designs by Lee Smith.
  • Sanchez, Amanda Dawn - Art of Dawn - Beautiful fantasy artwork by the artist Dawn. Each tells a artists tale drawn from her imagination.
  • Suddman, Bérengère - Candy Froggie's Gallery - Watercolor paintings of elves, dragons, Faeries and other artists fantasy creatures.
  • Staple, Sandra - Canadian Dragon - Sculpture and drawings by Canadian artist Sandra Staple. Features dragons, unicorns, and fairies, plus fantasy dolls.
  • Skoglund, Jeanette - Graphite fantasy portraits by Jeanette Skoglund.
  • Shimerdla, Stephanie - Features her fantasy, sci-fi, and nature artwork.
  • Schumacher, Rebecca - Rebecca Schumacher's fantasy figurative sculpture, paintings, and illustration.
  • Sellers, Rodney - The Year Zero - Retro-futuristic sci-fi fantasy, art by Rodney Sellers.
  • Spacil, David - Sci-fi, fantasy, and 3D illustrations, plus comics.
  • Sherwood, Jilaen - Dreamland Design - Fantasy and space art by Jilaen Sherwood. CD cover design and book Illustration.
  • Stavrinides, Loris - Gothic fantasy and pinup artwork by Loris Stavrinides.
  • Seagrave, Dan - Paintings and design in the realm of fantastic s art by science fiction and fantasy Dan Seagrave.
  • Staten, Daniel - Soulscapes - The fantasy art of Daniel Staten, including illustrations artists from "Lord s of the Rings" and an original artists story.
  • Sloane, Gabrielle - Galaxies, fairy art, monsters and dream imagery.
  • Spute, Hannah - SummerDragoness - Personal and professional illustration, comics and sculpture.
  • Stawicki, Matt - Science fiction and fantasy illustrations by Matt Stawicki.
  • Schurmann, Till - Amon-Var, The Fantastic Gallery - Dark fantasy and science fiction and fantasy science fiction art by the illustrator. Also includes science fiction and fantasy some photos, logos, animation, and cartoons.
  • Sasseville, Laramie - Dream Spell - An online portfolio of science fiction and fantasy s illustration by science fiction and fantasy Laramie Sasseville, including the complete \'Discordian s Coloring Book.'
  • Shimerdla Stephanie - Obsidian Dawn - Offers a collection of unique Photoshop brushes and s patterns.
  • Stringfellow, Megan - Fantasy and sci-fi illustrations, original doll art, and graphic design.
  • Seed, Lee Ann - A collection of mythical and fantasy art by award winning Fantasy artist. Includes book covers, illustration and fine art.
  • S., Milena - Dark fantasy women in fetish art.
  • SanTara, Sandra - Windwolf - Artist specializing in fantasy, shamanistic symbolism, wildlife, and science fiction and fantasy mythical creatures. Features a biography, schedule of appearances, her originals, science fiction and fantasy limited edition prints, T-shirts, shield and drum paintings, and paintings science fiction and fantasy on feathers.

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