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A place for writers to discuss their kooky, beautiful, absurd, disturbing observations about the world they live in. Let's freak each other out, have fun and inspire.

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  • Tribe: Underground Words - Zines, journals, books, magazines, spoken word- words are magic. Discussions chats and forums about writing and how we use words.
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  • Tribe:The Artist's Way - A tribe for those who are interested in "The Artist\\'s arts Way" as a process for streamlining and motivating your creative arts endeavors.
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  •'s Untitled Forum - A creative writing community. The writer\\'s forums include sections for various levels of ability, flash fiction, and challenges.
  • Forum Novels - Devoted to helping young or emerging writers, photographers, chats and forums chats and forums poets, and artists improve their talents and get chats and forums chats and forums opinions on how they can get better.
  • The Writers Hangout - A place for discussion of writing. Writers can chats and forums also share writing regardless of skill level.
  • A Writer's Desk - Writing lessons for creative fiction, a glossary of terms for writers, a listing of markets accepting freelances, and forum of writers.
  • Authors United - An online community for writers of all ages, arts from all writers resources around the world. Share your work arts and writing advice with writers resources fellow writers.
  • Stumble Upon: Writing/ Writers - Group for writers to post to a forum and exchange useful or creative links they find online.
  • - Forum for writers to discuss the writing craft, writers resources post chats and forums stories, and meet other writers. Writing advice writers resources and market chats and forums listings.
  • Author Co-op (ACO) - Online community for authors worldwide. Presenting memberships, forums, chats and forums listings for authors, promotions for authors.
  • MoreWriting - A meeting place where you can develop your chats and forums arts writing skills. Messageboards sorted by writing genre.
  • Tribe: Writers Resource - Inspiration, advice or just another warm body facing arts the same arts blank computer screen. A place to arts come when cold coffee arts and nagging deadlines aren\'t arts enough to keep you going.
  • Tribe: Writers' Rebellion - Creative writing forum where the members critique each arts other.
  • Writing Forum - A forum dedicated to writing. Forums for the writers resources ezine, chats and forums contests, interviews, bookstore and writing discussion.
  • Strange Observations - A place for writers to discuss their kooky, chats and forums beautiful, absurd, disturbing observations about the world they chats and forums live in. Let\\'s freak each other out, have chats and forums fun and inspire.

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