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An original outlining software written in 1993 for Macintosh computers, now available for free download (Mac only). The site provides interesting background on the program and its uses.

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  • MacFlow/WinFlow - Extremely adaptable and intuitive flowcharting program. Lets you import an existing outline from text directly into diagram mode. Allows for "nested" diagrams, i.e., placing shapes within shapes. Free trial download available.
  • Text Tree - Text tree is a text editor / outliner used to software help make structured, understandable documents easily and clearly.
  • Idea Cruncher - A simple program for Microsoft Windows that helps you organize outlining tools ideas. Good for writing, brainstorming, to-do lists, outlines and other outlining tools planning tasks.
  • FilmFiler - Software to help plan and develop ideas. Freeware.
  • StoryRight - A web application that helps a writer plan their story writers resources from initial concept to a full story plan, outline, complete writers resources with character dossiers.
  • Acta - An original outlining software written in 1993 for software Macintosh computers, outlining tools now available for free download (Mac software only). The site provides outlining tools interesting background on the software program and its uses.

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