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Software for conjugating verbs in modern and extinct languages, including English. Free to use online or pay for the downloadable version.

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  • WordWeb Developer - Allows you to add thesaurus/ dictionary functionality to writers resources your spelling and grammar applications.
  • Oleander Solutions: Readability - Readability software package used for analyzing and improving software your documents.
  • Online AsifSound To Spelling Dictionary - Input- abstract easy symbols of American word pronunciation. writers resources Output- writers resources corresponding spellings.
  • Wordz Toolbar - Free, instant, one click access to dictionary and thesaurus definitions writers resources and spell checking from a toolbar on your web browser. writers resources By Socket Software.
  • Editor - Proofreads text for grammar, spelling, style, and mechanics writers resources errors and problems ignored by major word processors\\' writers resources checking tools. Provides examples, explanations, and suggestions.
  • Cypress Media Group: Software for Writers - This site offers writing software designed by professional writers and writers resources editors. Learn the secrets of writing in a clear, concise writers resources and correct style.
  • Grammar Slammer - Grammar reference in Windows Help file format. Shareware.
  • iFinger Electronic Reference - Software for Windows, which provides direct offline access to various commercial dictionaries and reference sources. Demos, detailed product information, online ordering.
  • Numberator - Convert numbers and currencies into words. Supports 17 spelling and grammar writers resources languages and 93 countries.
  • Verbix - Software for conjugating verbs in modern and extinct writers resources languages, software including English. Free to use online or writers resources pay for software the downloadable version.
  • ProofreadingTools.com - Proofreading tools for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  • FrKeys - A program for all word processing applications to add accented software characters to text. Especially suitable for language departments in software educational establishments.
  • Grammarian - Universal interactive grammar checking, spelling checking, dictionary, thesaurus, autocorrect, and spelling and grammar autotype tool that works with virtually every program on your spelling and grammar Mac computer.
  • Do Grammar Checkers Work? - Critical report on the effectiveness of Grammatik V based on software samples of essays by EFL students. Paper presented at EUROCALL.
  • Groan - A text mode menu and window-driven user interface for dictionaries. writers resources Includes a dictionary manager, quick word lookup, and configurable color writers resources schemes.

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