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  • Saint Technologies, Inc. - Manufacture and distribution of nuts and fasteners.
  • Fastener Technology Corp. - Manufacturer of all kinds of aerospace fasteners.
  • Stroco Incorporated - Manufactures nut rings (captive nut assemblies to make panel mounting simpler).
  • Townend Aerospace - Manufacturer of automatic fastening equipment, tools, material handling aircraft and components fasteners positioner systems.
  • West Coast Aerospace, Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of precision fasteners.
  • SPS Technologies - Manufacturer of all kinds of nuts, bolts, inserts, fasteners and studs.
  • Dunham Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of application specific high strength fasteners.
  • McKinney Sales Associates - Manufacturer of fastener and fastener testing products.
  • ACA Corp - Manufactures all kinds of fastners for mechanical and electrical systems.
  • KATO Fastening Systems, Inc. - manufacturer of Tangless(R) helically coiled inserts and tools and Hexatorq constant torque hinges.
  • Paolo Astori srl - Manufacturer of self-locking anchor, barrel, double hex, and aircraft and components components and parts castellated nuts along with the associated washers, retainers, aircraft and components components and parts and collars.

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