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This category contains manufacturers of light aircraft kits .

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  • Van's Aircraft, Inc. - Producing the RV range of aircraft including 1 and 2 passenger tandem and side-by-side models.
  • Arizona Sport Planes - Assembles Van's RV series kit aircraft.
  • Velocity Aircraft - Manufacturing a high-speed four seat canard pusher aircraft kit.
  • Bedecorp - Manufacturers of the BD range of kit build aircraft.
  • Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. - Produces a range of aircraft kits from a aircraft and components two-seater biplane to a six-seater high-wing monoplane.
  • Zenair Ltd. - Manufacturing the Zodiac CH 640 and showing specifications light aircraft and aircraft and components design, kit prices, factory assistance and photos.
  • AERO Limited - Manufacturer of AT-3 very light aircraft kits.
  • Ravin Composite Aircraft Manufacturers - Manufactures Ravin aircraft home build kits. Pictures and specifications.
  • National Aeronautics Co. - Producing the Cassutt Sport/Racer, a single seat aircraft designed for pylon racing and aerobatics.
  • Rand Robinson Engineering - Producing kits for single seat and two seat light aircraft piston light aircraft powered monoplanes.
  • Zenith Aircraft Company - Manufacturers of kits for high-wing STOL aircraft, sport aircraft and components kits planes, and a new 2 seat twin.
  • Supermarine Aircraft - Developed the two seater Mk 26 which is aircraft and components aircraft and components an approximate 80% scale version of the original aircraft and components aircraft and components Spitfire (Anstead, Australia).
  • Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft Inc. - Manufacturers of the Glasair and GlaStar kit airplanes.
  • Abaris Aircraft - Manufacturer of cabin class type kit aircraft, capable aircraft and components aircraft and components of carrying six passengers.
  • Makelan Corp. - Manufactures plans and kits for the Hatz Classic kits open cockpit biplane.

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