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Manufacturing seats and cabin equipment as well as evacuation systems, braking parachutes and flexible fuel tanks. Choose between French and English with the small buttons at the bottom right.

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  • Aeronautical Engineers, Inc - Specialists in Boeing 727 and 737 cargo conversions.
  • Cobham Plc - The parent company of Flight Refuelling and Chelton Avionics.
  • Messier-Dowty - design, development, manufacture and support of landing gear systems.
  • Goodrich Aerospace: Fuel and Utility Systems Division - Designs and manufactures aircraft fuel management and gauging aircraft and components aircraft and components systems, HUMS, motion controls and actuators, fuel safety aircraft and components aircraft and components systems, proximity sensing, steering, and braking systems.
  • Inertial Science - Designs and manufactures inertial navigation systems and related systems products.
  • Safe Air Solutions - Web based, wireless, integrated database software system for systems the inspection and maintenance of commercial aircraft.
  • Goodrich: Landing Gear Division - Develops and produces complete landing gear systems.
  • Telair International - manufacturer of complete air cargo- and bulk freight-handling and loading aeronautical systems and air cargo containment solutions.
  • Grimes Aerospace - Producing all kinds of interior and exterior lighting along with systems cockpit avionics.
  • Demo Systems LLC - manufacturer of data transfer systems and maintenance access terminals for systems air transport and military aircraft markets.
  • Irvin-GQ - Manufacturers of troop parachutes, braking parachutes and aircraft recovery systems.
  • Airtel-ATN - Supplies data communications for the aerospace industry. The primary aeronautical focus is the deployment of the aeronautical telecommunication network (ATN) aeronautical for air traffic management. It provides airborne and ground aeronautical validation tools for ATN applications.
  • Full Lotus Manufacturing - Manufacturer of inflatable floats and mounting systems for light aircraft aeronautical and helicopters.
  • Martin Baker - Producing ejection and crashworthy seats and associated crew systems safety equipment. The site contains a \\'lives saved\\' systems counter and details of the Ejection Tie Club.
  • APPH - Flight Years Ahead - Manufacturers of landing gear, hydraulic equipment and filters aircraft and components for aerospace and military applications.
  • David Clark Company Incorporated - Designer and manufacturer of headsets, anti-G suits, and space suits.
  • International Survival Supplies ltd. - Build custom survival kits to Canadian aviation regulations.
  • Page Aerospace Limited - Supplier of cabin lighting and information systems as systems well as power conversion and control systems.
  • Aircraft Parts Corporation - manufacturer and full service provider of starter generators systems and generator control units for helicopters and aircraft.
  • Honeywell Aerospace Services - Provider of a vast range of aircraft systems.
  • AeroVision Avionics - Providing complete in-flight entertainment systems.
  • Amphitech - Manufacturers of the Oasys obstacle awareness radar system systems for helicopters.
  • Park Air Systems - Providers of air/ground communication and aircraft landing systems.
  • Thales Avionics - A provider of a wide range of avionics aeronautical technologies from systems cockpit displays to inflight entertainment systems.
  • AD Aerospace Ltd - specialists in in-flight entertainment and aircraft monitoring video systems.
  • Federal-Mogul Aviation - Manufacturer of the Champion range of aviation and industrial ignition systems and power supplies.
  • Technisonic Industries - Produces a range of special mission transceivers and airborne audio aeronautical equipment.
  • Carleton Life Support - Manufacturing a range of oxygen and nitrogen generating aircraft and components aeronautical systems.
  • The Zodiac Group - Manufacturing seats and cabin equipment as well as evacuation systems, braking parachutes and flexible fuel tanks. Choose between French and English with the small buttons at the bottom right.
  • Hamilton Sundstrand - Specializing in electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical power systems conversion, management systems and distribution.
  • Aerosystems International (AeI) - Specialising in the design, development and delivery of aircraft and components aircraft and components software intensive systems.
  • Goodrich Lighting Systems - Manufacturer of aircraft lighting systems and passenger service aeronautical units.
  • Rockwell Collins Flight Dynamics, Inc. - Developer of head-up guidance systems.
  • Systems and Electronics - Designs and manufactures flight data and cockpit voice aircraft and components systems recorders as well as a range of airframe aircraft and components systems data recorders.
  • Polytech - Manufacturer of stabilized IR / Video Systems for mounting on aerial platforms.
  • TDG Aerospace - Producing ice protection systems for the MD80 and aircraft and components aircraft and components similar rear engined aircraft.
  • National Aircraft Service Inc. - Manufacturers of environmental systems and a cargo/vent door systems safety indicator.
  • Innovative Dynamics - Developing aircraft deicing systems, ice detectors and aircraft engine diagnostic systems.
  • Butler Parachute Systems, Inc. - Ballistic recovery and stall recovery parachutes for aircraft systems and cargo/payload aeronautical parachutes.

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