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French manufacturer of rotary optical encoders, incremental, absolute single turn and multiturn: miniaturized or large diameters encoders, solid or hollow shaft encoders.

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See Also:
  • Hedinger Aircraft Components Ltd. - Repairs and refurbishment of aircraft electrical parts for military applications.
  • Bell Helicopter Textron - Helicopters for commercial and military customers.
  • Sabreliner Corporation - Aircraft servicing, repair and engine / component manufacturing defense for U.S. government defense divisions including Army and defense Marine Corps.
  • Performance Aeromotive, Inc - Aircraft component repair to US Air Force under the Air defense Force Repair Enhancement Program [AFREP / GOLDFLAG].
  • Flight Precision Ltd - Flight inspection services including calibration of radio and radar navigation air force and aerospace aid systems.
  • Aerospace Contacts LLC - Manufacturer of connector contacts for Aerospace and other connector manufacturers.
  • Transaero Inc. - Distributor for airframes spares, avionics accessories and components to support air force and aerospace military aircraft.
  • Aeromiltec Technologies Ltd. - Military flight helmets, aircrew life preservers, anti G aerospace and defense suits, survival kits, parachutes, life rafts and equipment.
  • Intertek Ltd. - Intertek, military aviation, logistics support, aircraft and helicopter air force and aerospace parts supply to the Turkish defense market.
  • ETA Global Inc. - Distributors of mil-spec mechanical fasteners and component or aerospace and defense assembly hardware.
  • European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) - Civil and military aircraft, space, defence systems and air force and aerospace services.
  • FlightSafety Services Corporation - Training systems, management and integration, and government contractor logistics support.
  • General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited - Integrated avionics equipment, mission systems and secure voice air force and air force and aerospace aerospace and data tactical communications products.
  • Mac Aerospace Corporation - Spare parts for military aircraft and weapon systems
  • Codechamp - French manufacturer of rotary optical encoders, incremental, absolute air force and defense aerospace single turn and multiturn: miniaturized or large diameters air force defense and aerospace encoders, solid or hollow shaft encoders.
  • Far Technologies Ltd. - An incubator for initiating and nurturing innovative concepts air force and aerospace and defense aerospace and technologies in military aviation.
  • Daedalus Aviation Group - Maintenance, repair and technical aviation services for military defense and commercial defense markets.
  • Fin Sp. z o.o. - Supplier of aircraft parts and armour to Polish Ministry of Defence and commercial sector clients.
  • Pioneer Aerospace Corporation - Parachute and parachute recovery systems for military forces.
  • Rotomotion LLC - Design and manufacture of UAV aircraft systems and aerospace and defense UAV components.
  • ESRA Engenharia Aeronáutica Ltda. - Brazil. Provides aerospace ground equipment, parts and services air force and aerospace and defense aerospace plus flight helmets.
  • Vastek Consulting - NDT specialist for the aerospace industry.
  • Innovative Solutions and Support - The design and manufacture of flight avionics for aerospace and defense defense the military, commercial and corporate markets.
  • Mulgrew Aircraft Components - Machining and forming of aluminum extrusions such as defense seat tracks and braces.
  • Cobham plc - Design and manufacture of equipment, specialised systems and defense components supplied to the aerospace, defence, industrial and communications markets.
  • Hawker Hunter Aviation - Wet or dry lease for Hawker Hunter MK58 aerospace and defense aerospace and defense aircraft and airborne defense threat simulation training for aerospace and defense aerospace and defense the armed forces.
  • Radiola Aerospace Limited - Engineering contractor and integrated logistic support for defense defense and aviation defense customers.
  • PLR Information Systems - Manufacturer of flight data recorder units, mission data air force and air force and aerospace aerospace transfer systems, and data, audio and video solid air force air force and aerospace and aerospace state recorder products.
  • Rotodyne S.r.l - Aerospace ground equipment for civil and military applications.
  • British International Industries - Supplier of aircraft parts and ground support equipment.
  • Avionics Test & Analysis Corporation (ATAC) - Avionics test and analysis, custom software applications and related aerospace engineering services.
  • AeroCraft Name Plate - Identification plates for defense products, including photo etching, aerospace and defense optical reticals, silk screening and engraving.
  • Airborne Systems NA Inc - Military parachutes, ejection seat parachutes, and related aerial defense delivery equipment. defense A division of Air-Sea Survival Equipment defense Limited.
  • Southwest Interconnect Inc. - Supplier of aerospace and defense related interconnect products and services.
  • The Boeing Company - Manufacturer of satellites, commercial jetliners, military aircraft, missile defense defense, human space flight and launch services.
  • Airborne Industries - Manufacturer of military aircraft components and accessories.
  • Westland Helicopters Limited - Military, civil, utility, naval and search and rescue helicopters. An AgustaWestland company.
  • IMP Aerospace Core Group - Aerospace engineering, avionics and aerospace components.
  • CEL Aerospace Test Equipment ltd - Aircraft engine test facility / Real-Time Data Acquisition air force and air force and aerospace aerospace System (DAS) and engine accessories test equipment.
  • Excalibur Systems, Inc. - MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 Data Bus Interface Products aerospace and defense air force and aerospace and accessories for avionics test and simulation.
  • Firetrace Aerospace LLC (FTA) - Aviation and defense industries fire protection solutions for standard operations air force and aerospace and combat situations.
  • MiG Aircraft Product Support GmbH - German-Russian joint venture to maintain MiG aircraft.
  • Turbo Metrics LLC - Design and manufacture of a portable, real-time APU tester, test cell electronics and data acquisition systems.
  • Evolution GmbH - German manufacturer of unmanned und ultralight blimps.

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