Small Businesses Space Aerospace and Defense

A commercial venture dedicated to the development of space transportation technologies. Working in concert with others to facilitate the colonization and commercial development of space in the 21st Century.

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  • Tethers Unlimited, Inc. - Small business that designs, develops and builds space small businesses transportation systems using space tethers to transfer energy small businesses and momentum to payloads without the use of small businesses rocket propellant.
  • SpaceDev Corp. - For profit space development emphasizing low-cost mission solutions, aerospace and defense space off-the-shelf-components and inexpensive mission design, construction and operations.
  • Orbitica - French and English site which sells gps, satellite small businesses phones, aerospace and defense pagers, and meteo receivers.
  • Space Media Corporation - Video and New Media production services for the worldwide Space aerospace and defense community.
  • Space Tourism - Interglobal 21st-Century Mall - Future space activities
  • HMX Inc. - Development and testing of liquid and hybrid rocket engine designs.
  • Swiss Propulsion Laboratory - Focused on research and development of systems to aerospace and defense transport small civilian payloads into a low-earth orbit. aerospace and defense Development of liquid bi-propellant engines and solid boosters.
  • Compositex Inc. - Small high-tech business located near Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing aerospace and defense in liquid rocket propulsion systems, advanced filament-wound composite structures, ablative aerospace and defense components for rockets, and aircraft designs.
  • Analytical Graphics - Leader in space software - download free Satellite Tool Kit
  • Micro Aerospace Solutions, Inc. - Specialize in designing systems for small and nanosatellites.
  • SpaceAge Control, Inc. - Miniature and subminiature position transducers and air data space probes.
  • Corona Space - Offers space surveillance consultancy, spacecraft collision early-warning and small businesses in-orbit aerospace and defense / re-entry risk assessment services. Based in small businesses Oslo, Norway.
  • Weld Plus Inc. - Manufactures satellite assembly positioners for space satellites.
  • Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana - Design and construction of hydrogen peroxide rockets, distillation units, and penta metallic catalyst packs. [choose between Spanish and English]
  • Command and Control Technologies Corp. - Provides software products and turnkey systems for launch site automation aerospace and defense and other mission-critical control system applications.
  • TransOrbital, Inc. - A commercial venture dedicated to the development of small businesses space aerospace and defense transportation technologies. Working in concert with others small businesses to facilitate aerospace and defense the colonization and commercial development of small businesses space in the aerospace and defense 21st Century.
  • The Lunar Resources Company - Commercial space enterprise. Creators of the Artemis moon base project.

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