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This category is for producers and suppliers of live aquatic animals . Primarily these will include fish and crustracian farming of both freshwater and saltwater species for supply to the commercial and recreational ( pets ) industries . It does not include submissions related to the commercial fishing industry. Such sites should be submitted to the Commercial Harvesting category .

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See Also:
  • Aquaculture Supplies - Suppliers of live micro algae and Rotifer starter aquatic animal producers agriculture and forestry cultures and captive breeders of marine animals including aquatic animal producers agriculture and forestry Fire Shrimps.
  • J & J Aquafarms - Supplier of live aquatic animals and plants for aquatic animal producers research. Ship anywhere in the world. Includes a aquatic animal producers species photograph gallery .
  • Aquatic Research Organisms Inc - Supply aquatic organisms to the environmental industry and biomedical research aquaculture for testing purposes, and toxicology kits for aquatic toxicology.
  • BMR Industries Ltd. - Specializes in shrimp hatcheries and farms black tiger, agriculture and forestry aquaculture Indian white, and scampi seeds spread across four agriculture and forestry aquaculture hatcheries.

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