Import and Export Tractors, Machinery, and Implements Equipment and Supplies Agriculture and Forestry

Manufacturer of wind pumps, compressed earth block presses and other equipment supportive of sustainability. Located at Auroville in south-east India.

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  • Agridry Rimik Pty. Ltd. - Manufacturers and exporters of grain dryers, electronic agricultural tractors, machinery, and implements equipment, penetrometers, soil measurement, crop and harvest tools.
  • Ziand JSC - Exporter of spare parts, component parts and units to MTZ tractors of the "Belarus" trademark. Also spare parts for trucks and other agricultural machinery manufactured by Belarus in Russia.
  • Bawa Industries Pvt Ltd - Manufacturer and exporters of hand tools, tractor parts, Diesel engines, pumps, and bicycle parts. Located in India.
  • Portagric - Suppliers of toppers, harrows, mowers, weedwipers, feeders, tractors, machinery, and implements spreaders and trailers.
  • Westec Inc. - Exporters of agricultural machinery and parts, seed, agricultural chemicals, irrigation tractors, machinery, and implements products, harvesting and planting equipment. Located in Sacramento, US.
  • Organizzazione Sviluppo Vendite - Italian manufacturer of agricultural machinery and components. Product range includes equipment and supplies tractors, trailers, mowers, tillage equipment, loaders and irrigation equipment.
  • Solco Ltd - Offers cost effective solar powered technology solutions for water pumping, grid feed electricity generation, remote area power supply, and other solar technology applications.
  • GrainVacs - Manufacturers and exporters of pneumatic grain moving systems.
  • Mercator Corporation - Pennsylvania supplier of grain processing and seed processing import and export equipment, seed and grain cleaners, gravity separators, destoners, import and export bucket elevators, belt conveyors, bagging scales, seed treaters, import and export and ancillary items.
  • Siac Spa - Offering design and manufacturing of complete cabs and drive platforms tractors, machinery, and implements for agricultural and earth-moving equipment. [English/Italiano]
  • Gebr. Knoll - Importers and exporters of agricultural balers and wrapping machines.
  • OPICO - Agricultural machinery, implements.
  • New Gear Company - New Delhi manufacturer and exporter of gears, gear equipment and supplies shafts, fly wheel ring gears, steering shafts and equipment and supplies other parts for agricultural tractors.
  • Norinco Shovels - Chinese manufacturer of cheap shovels. Includes photos of tractors, machinery, and tractors, machinery, and implements implements the range offered.
  • Kanters BV - Netherlands exporter of used dairy and feed equipment.
  • Petras International Trade, Inc. - International trading in used agriculture machinery and spare tractors, machinery, and equipment and supplies implements parts, for small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Liftech Exports - Indian manufacturer and exporter of tractor and linkage parts, sheet import and export metal components, high tensile fasteners, forgings, and castings.
  • MTS No1 Tractors - Wholesale and retail used compact diesel Yanmar and tractors, machinery, and implements Mitsubishi tractors imported from Japan.
  • Taneks Automotive Ltd. - Exporting spare parts of agricultural tractors. Agricultural tractor equipment and supplies spare parts of high quality at reasonable prices.
  • Chadsons International - A Ludhiana, India based manufacturer and exporter of tractor parts, linkages and accessories, bolts and nuts, fasteners, and agricultural machinery parts.
  • Aureka Aspiration - Manufacturer of wind pumps, compressed earth block presses and other tractors, machinery, and implements equipment supportive of sustainability. Located at Auroville in south-east India.
  • Fredricks Equipment, Inc. - Used Yanmar tractors imported direct from Japan.
  • KOFO Tractor Centre - Buys and sells tractors worldwide.
  • Danish Used Claas Combines - Sellers of used CLAAS combines and other second-hand tractors, machinery, and implements farming machinery.

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