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Supplies online and real-time moisture measurement systems for the timber drying industry for prevention of drying related defects and accurate end-point control.

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  • Vit-Agro Ltd - Specializes in wood drying equipment using the impulse pressing method. drying kilns Offers technical data on the drying system.
  • Vacutherm - Manufacturer of vacuum dryers for the lumber industry.
  • Lionapex Engineering Pte Ltd - Manufacturer and turnkey supplier of conventional timber drying kilns, direct fired, dehumidifiers and boilers.
  • P.C. Specialties - Builds process controllers and vacuum kilns for the production equipment forest products industry.
  • MacGregor Mill Services, Inc. - Offers kilns, moisture meters, and used sawmill equipment.
  • Woodstock International, Inc. - Manufactures the Durastick, a composite kiln stick, designed to eliminate sticker staining and outlast wood sticks. Site also has information on kiln drying.
  • Silmico Holdings Ltd - Manufactures a CE-inspected microwave adsorption dryer for the production of dry air, integrated into a drying chamber.
  • Better Built Dry Kilns Inc. - Specializes in the sale and installation of dry kilns, predryers, forestry wood steamers, pallet sanitizers and envirostain processors.
  • Kiln-direct.com - Provide lumber companies with controls, equipment, and guidelines for installation forestry of lumber kilns for drying hardwood and softwood.
  • Kiln Drying Systems and Components, Inc. - Manufactures and installs lumber dry kilns. Designs include forestry package loaded and track loaded kilns, conventional and forestry high temperature arrangements.
  • Smithco Manufacturing, Inc. - Supplying air circulation propeller fans for lumber drying kilns and drying sheds.
  • Socco Forest Products - Custom kiln drying services.
  • Northwest Dryer & Machinery Co. - Provider of replacement parts for all types of forestry industrial veneer, production equipment gypsum and fiberboard dryers.
  • Isve s.r.l. - Designs and produces plants and machines using vacuum production equipment technology to dry, vaporize, and impregnate wood products.
  • Mühlböck - An Austrian manufacture of drying kilns.
  • Accudry - Supplies online and real-time moisture measurement systems for forestry the timber drying industry for prevention of drying forestry related defects and accurate end-point control.
  • GE Protimeter plc - Designs and manufactures moisture meters.
  • HeatWave Technologies Inc. - Develops, manufactures, and markets electromagnetic energy-field (E-field) RF forestry power amplifier drying kilns heating and drying technology for forestry applications in the wood, drying kilns food, and other industries.
  • Nigos-elektronik - Manufacturer of wood dryers, temperature and humidity controllers forestry and various forestry equipment for measurement and control.
  • The Onix Corporation - Manufacturer of industrial wood combustion, rotary drum drying, wood fired forestry boilers, wood fired industrial air heating and pollution-control equipment.

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