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Manufactures a full line of saw maintenance equipment for wide band saws as well as tools for circular saws. Site contains tuning tips, resources, and articles.

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  • Simonds Industries Inc. - Manufactures saws and tools for processing wood, paper, and sawmills metal.
  • Sharp Tool Co. - Supplier and manufacturer of pre-tinned and untinned carbide sawmills saw tips, sawmills custom circular saws and repairs, chippers, sawmills knives, bandsaw blades, sawmills bits, shanks, grinding equipment sawmills and other sawmill supplies.
  • Dinasaw - Manufacturer of chainsaw and bandsaw sharpening and maintenance sawmills equipment.
  • Mec Legno S.r.l. - Italy. Manufactures and reconditions machines for band sawmills production equipment and filing room distributes band saw sharpening machines.
  • Lake Erie and Ontario Sawyers and Filers Association - Not-for-profit association with the purpose of providing information and transfer sawmills of technology to the wood products industry. Goal is to sawmills advance the industry through education, by making it possible for sawmills members to meet, exchange ideas, and assist each ot
  • ARSAW Commercial Sawbits Division - Carbide sawbits are manufactured with an impact absorbing filing room cushion sawmills between carbide and steal. Also sells grinders, filing room grinding wheels, sawmills shanks, and other saw accessories.
  • British Columbia Saw Filers Association - Offers educational programs, annual trade shows and conferences, filing room Point filing room Up Magazine and the Straight Edge Newsletter filing room to keep filing room members informed of the latest sawing filing room technology. Site filing room offers photos, articles, and a filing room job board.
  • Burton Saw & Supply - Offers repair service of any round saw from 7" rip filing room to 96" inserted tooth, steel tooth, stellite or carbide. filing room Also is a distributor for many saw and filing related filing room manufacturers.
  • Saw Paw Corporation - Manufactures one piece saw tooth/shank and saw sharpeners.
  • China Pacificarbide, Inc. - Supplier of tungsten carbide, forged, cast, and machined steel tools, sawmills blanks, and saw teeth.
  • Armstrong Manufacturing Company - Manufactures a full line of saw maintenance equipment for wide production equipment band saws as well as tools for circular saws. Site production equipment contains tuning tips, resources, and articles.
  • Acu Saw Ltd. - Developer and manufacturer of innovative work holding and sawmills setup products for the machining industry and of sawmills new products for the sawmilling industry. (British Columbia, sawmills Canada)
  • Action Sharpening Service - Offers band saw and Osama sharpening equipment for filing room sale, as well as sharpening services.
  • Western Woodlot Equipment LTD - Manufacturer and distributor of chainsaw and bandsaw sharpening sawmills and maintenance sawmills equipment.
  • Hanchett Manufacturing - Manufactures knife grinding systems and band saw sharpening production equipment systems. filing room Also offer used and rebuilt equipment.
  • California Saw & Knife Works - Provides saw and knife maintenance equipment, information on sawmills thin kerf production equipment technology, free literature, a saw filing sawmills forum, news, software, and production equipment information on seminars.
  • A.M. Ludwig Saw Shop Ltd. - Specializes in the sales, service, and repair of production equipment wood production equipment processing saws and knives. Ships worldwide from production equipment Thunder Bay, production equipment Ontario. Canada.

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