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Supplier of fruit and fruit products to farm markets, food processors and wineries, including cherries, peaches, apricots, plums, and Certified Organic apples and cider. Appleton, New York.

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See Also:
  • TyTy Nursery - Grows a wide variety of uncommon fruit and nursery stock nut nursery stock stock.
  • Olive Isle - Tasmanian specialists in producing and supplying Olive plants for cooler climates. Includes details of varieties, order form and contact information.
  • Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. - Wholesale blueberry nursery specializing in northern and southern nursery stock blueberry nursery stock plants along with many other plants from nursery stock the Vaccinium nursery stock genus.
  • Fowler Farms - Family owned producer of fruit. Primarily known fruit and nuts nursery stock for apples.
  • VanDiepen Nursery - Supplier of fruit trees and popular rootstock varieties nursery stock as 1 or 2 year old plants.
  • Pine Island Nursery - Florida firm offering a wide variety of tropical fruit and nut plants.
  • Ekland Marketing Company of California Inc - International marketers of all the newest varieties of strawberry plants.
  • Singer Farms - Supplier of fruit and fruit products to farm horticulture markets, food horticulture processors and wineries, including cherries, peaches, horticulture apricots, plums, and Certified horticulture Organic apples and cider. horticulture Appleton, New York.
  • Rendleman Orchards - Grows and ships peaches, nectarines, apples and vegetables to commercial fruit and nuts produce markets throughout the Midwest.
  • Nourse Farms - Supplier of consistent, high-quality planting stock.
  • Green Coast Nurseries - A United Arab Emirates company offering tissue cultured horticulture date palm plants, coconut palms and a range horticulture of fruit and ornamental plants.
  • Nurstech Inc - Supplier of "in vitro" propagated rootstocks and olive fruit and nuts fruit and nuts plants.
  • Du Roi Nursery - South African nursery producing citrus trees and rootstocks, fruit and nuts fruit and nuts mangoes, and guavas. Information about methods, and product fruit and nuts fruit and nuts listing.
  • - Growers and processors of frozen raspberries, strawberries, blueberries fruit and nuts nursery stock and cranberries.
  • Partridge Point Orchard - U-pick apple orchard in central Illinois.
  • Krystyna and Zenon Osiak - Polish fruit tree nursery, offering apple, pear, sweet nursery stock and fruit and nuts sour cherry, plum, apricot, and peach saplings. nursery stock [Polish/English/German/Russian]
  • California Pacific Plant Exports - US exporter of strawberry plants and rootstocks.
  • Arkansas Berry & Plant Farm - Specializes in grapevines, berry plants and fruit trees.
  • Cornhill Nursery - Provider of hardy and acclimated nursery stock for fruit and nuts nursery stock the colder areas of Canada and the United fruit and nuts nursery stock States.
  • Mori Vines Inc. - Canadian nursery producing a variety of red and fruit and nuts white grape clones, as well as several root fruit and nuts stocks. Online product listing, enquiry form.
  • Forest Range Cherries - Australian cherry producer in Adelaide Hills.
  • Spooner Farms Home Page - Washington supplier of Certified Raspberry Plants.
  • Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery - Specializes in Mediterranean Varietals. Lists tree and pricing fruit and nuts fruit and nuts information, consulting services and ordering details.

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