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Providing the San Francisco Bay area with quality succulents since 1975. Large selection of rare and exotic succulents, particularly caudiciforms at competitive prices.

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  • Whitton Greenhouses - Delaware wholesale growers of Christmas cactus. Image gallery of varieties, cultural tips, and distributor contacts. Also offers mail-order retail sales of selected varieties.
  • Silverthorn Ranch - California nursery offering aloe vera, golden barrel cactus (bare-root and ornamentals seeds), and miniature cactus gardens. Ships worldwide, to both consumers ornamentals and industry.
  • San Marcos Growers Nursery - Currently there are 20 acres in nursery production ornamentals with an additional 2 acres dedicated to cutting ornamentals and demonstration gardens.
  • Blue Diamond Nursery - A combination of desert cactus gardens and retail cactus ornamentals nursery.
  • Holly Gate Cactus Nursery - A reference collection of over 30,000 mature ornamentals plants set ornamentals in an attractively landscaped 10,000 sq. ornamentals ft. of glasshouses.
  • Viveros Martinez - Spanish grower and trader of cacti and succulents, cacti and succulents selling to the Spanish territory and Europe. Products cacti and succulents include assorted and specific trays of small plants, cacti and succulents larger specimens, and associated merchandise.
  • Serra Gardens - A Southern California nursery specializing in high-quality succulents including Cacti, horticulture Aloe, Agave, Euphorbias, and many other drought tolerant plant materials.
  • Arid Lands Greenhouses - Arid Lands, one of the world\\'s largest growers cacti and succulents cacti and succulents and sellers of succulent plants specializing in very cacti and succulents cacti and succulents rare species.
  • Robert Scott Cacti - The plant listings are my current sales lists ornamentals of Haworthias and related genera. Most of these ornamentals have been propagated vegetatively from plants originally obtained ornamentals from Steve Stringer.
  • John Shelley's Garden Center & Nursery, Inc. - All the cacti featured here are hardy to USDA Zone horticulture 5 with proper siting, and were grown from seed collected horticulture from diverse locations such as within sight of Devil\\'s Tower horticulture National Monument, the Kaibab plateau of The Grand Canyon, and horticulture various sites on the ea
  • Rivenrock Gardens - An organically certified edible and landscape cactus plants nusery. Located on the California Central Coast, shipping virtually spineless cactus plants.
  • Desert to Tropics Nursery - Wholesale and retail cactus and succulent nursery in horticulture Austin, with horticulture delivery to several metropolitan areas in horticulture Texas. Catalog, price lists, horticulture delivery information.
  • The Great Petaluma Desert - Providing the San Francisco Bay area with quality succulents since cacti and succulents 1975. Large selection of rare and exotic succulents, particularly caudiciforms cacti and succulents at competitive prices.

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