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Natural turf surfaces for all levels of play from little league to the major leagues. Blends and cultivars of Kentucky bluegrass sod, buffalograss sod, and perennial wildflower sod. Palatine, Illinois.

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  • Hogdal Turf Sod Farm - Hogdal Turf\\'s goal is to provide a high turfgrass quality product horticulture at the most competitive price while turfgrass providing the highest standard horticulture in customer service. We turfgrass deliver to your north Minneapolis/St. Pual horticulture location, or turfgrass sod can be picked up at our farm.
  • Emerald View Turf Farms - Providers of turfgrass sod, including sprigging and installation sod, sprigs, and plugs services throughout the US Midwest.
  • Simpson Sod Turfgrasses - Growers of turfgrasses. Includes list of services, description of horticulture grasses, photos, and locations.
  • Rocky Mountain Sod Growers - Information for members, scientific trends benefiting the environment.
  • Gebr. Peiffer Fertigrasen-Zuchtbetrieb - Produces sod of various grades and mixtures for sports arenas, shaded areas, golf courses, and home gardens. Located in Germany.
  • Lavy Enterprises Turf Grass Inc. - Sod farm serving wholesale and retail customers. Also sells concrete wall stone and pavers. New Carlisle, Ohio.
  • Pacific Earth Resources - Pacific Sod and Pacific Arbor Nurseries) - Wholesale and on-line retail sales of nine sod sod, sprigs, and plugs varieties including, fescue, bluegrass, hybrid bermudagrass, St. Augustine, sod, sprigs, and plugs and Wildflower sod. Delivery and installation available.
  • Hewlett Turf & Landscapes Ltd. - Produces and harvests turf grass. Provides landscaping services and turf sod, sprigs, and plugs laying. UK.
  • Oasis Sod Farms - Missouri grower specializing in zoysia and Bermuda varieties. turfgrass Tips turfgrass on installation and maintenance.
  • USATurf - Hummer Sports Turf and Sporting Valley Turf, divisions turfgrass of USATurf, provide turfgrass, sod, athletic turf, turfgrass and grass surfacing solutions for sports fields, pitches, turfgrass and stadiums.
  • SeaIsle 1 Certified Seashore Paspalum - SeaIsle 1 is a new fine-bladed salt-tolerant turfgrass, Paspalum vaginatum, turfgrass for golf course fairways, tees and roughs, athletic fields, home turfgrass lawns and commercial landscaping. This SeaIsle Growers Association site turfgrass details SeaIsle 1's advantages and provid
  • American Sports Turf - Natural turf surfaces for all levels of play horticulture from little horticulture league to the major leagues. horticulture Blends and cultivars of horticulture Kentucky bluegrass sod, buffalograss horticulture sod, and perennial wildflower sod. Palatine, horticulture Illinois.
  • President Turf Supplies - President Turf Supplies are growers and sellers of sod, sprigs, and turfgrass plugs many types of turf for your new or sod, sprigs, turfgrass and plugs old lawn, including Greenlees Park Couch (Cynodon dactylon) sod, turfgrass sprigs, and plugs Kikuyugrass (Pennisetum clandestinum), Sir Walter Buffalo (Stenotaphrum secundatum). turfgrass sod, sprigs, and plugs New South Wales, Austral
  • United Turf, Inc. - Turfgrass farm supplying warm-season turfgrass and cool season horticulture tall fescue turfgrass turfgrass. Powells Point, North Carolina.
  • Tulsa Turf LLC - Growers of bermudagrass varieties for the transition zone, including Baby, Midlawn, Quickstand, Tifgreen 328, and Tifway 419. Sod, sprigs, and sprigging services.
  • Spring River Turf Farm, Inc. - Provides the cultured sod for lawns, including fescue, horticulture bluegrass, zoysia, turfgrass and Bermuda. Serving Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, horticulture and Arkansas.
  • Central Sod Farms, Inc. - A turfgrass producer with farms in Maryland and Illinois, providing premium Kentucky bluegrass sod and bentgrass varieties.
  • Blue Valley Sod Company - Specializing in bluegrass turf for residential, commercial and turfgrass golf course horticulture applications. Harvesting large 42" rolls and turfgrass smaller 24" rolls. Located horticulture in Minnesota.
  • American Turf Grass Corporation - Serving quality turfgrasses to landscaping contractors, schools, sports horticulture associations, and homeowners. Certified by the State horticulture of North Carolina. Serving North Carolina piedmont horticulture and coastal plain west to the Triangle Area, horticulture and north to Richmond, Virginia,
  • Marathon Sod - Order freshly cut to order sod online. Marathon brands horticulture of tall fescue as well as St. Augustine sod, Tifgreen horticulture bermudagrass, Kentucky bluegrass blend, and El Toro Zoysia. Lake horticulture Forest, Orange County, California.
  • Dinsdale Farm Redeturf - Growers and sellers of specially blended turf in southern Oregon. Includes detailed installation and maintenance instructions.
  • Sandhill Turf - Sod supplier serving the Carolinas and Virginia with turfgrass grass varieties turfgrass for landscaping, athletic fields and golf turfgrass courses.
  • The Woerner Companies - Producer of grass sod for lawns and sports horticulture facilities in the US Southeast. Also sells landscaping horticulture products such as cypress mulch, hardscaping products, and horticulture centipede grass seed.
  • Basin Sod - Supplies sod to south eastern Washington state. turfgrass Located in sod, sprigs, and plugs Eltopia, Washington.
  • - Plugs of St. Augustinegrass, zoysiagrass, and Tifway bermudagrass. turfgrass General horticulture turf information. Whether you\\'re starting turfgrass a new lawn, or horticulture just trying to make turfgrass your current lawn look better, we horticulture have the turfgrass resources you need to make your grass lush horticulture turfgrass and beautiful.
  • Sod Shop - Sod sales in the Greater Bay Area, California. sod, sprigs, and plugs Delivery, pick-up, and installations are all available.
  • Cimarron Valley Sod Farm - Specializing in raising, delivering, and installing U-3 Bermuda sod, sprigs, and sod, sprigs, and plugs plugs grass sod. Serving Stillwater, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.
  • A-G Sod Farms - Provides turf grass and sod to homes and businesses in California, Colorado and Nevada. Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, bermudagrass, and mixtures.
  • Superior Sod - Wholesale sod grower/ distributor serving Central and Southern California, and turfgrass Las Vegas, NV. Product descriptions as well as installation and turfgrass maintenance information.
  • Raysbrook Sod - Argentine bahiagrass and St. Augustinegrass sod for the Tampa and Brandon, Florida area.
  • TifSport Certified Bermudagrass - TifSport is a certified bermudagrass for golf courses, turfgrass athletic fields horticulture and home lawns, developed by Dr. turfgrass Wayne Hanna, and evaluated horticulture under the experimental number turfgrass Tifton 94. The TifSport Growers horticulture Association offers turfgrass information on advantages of TifSport, the
  • Martyn Grass Lawns - Irish producer of turf for the landscape and leisure industry, sod, sprigs, and plugs also serves as agent for Blec and Bush Hog equipment sod, sprigs, and plugs in Ireland. Company history, information about products and services.
  • Am-Sod Grass and Lawn Products, American Sod Farms - A guide to creating turf grass lawns from sod. turfgrass Installation and maintenance for sodded lawns and do it yourself turfgrass lawns bring instant green grass. American Sod Farms located turfgrass in Escondido, California.
  • Zoysia Farm Nurseries - Amazoy zoysiagrass plugs and accessories such as fertilizer, pluggers, and turfgrass water devices. Taneytown, Maryland.

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