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Open pollinated and hybrid varieties, both proprietary and public selections, of onion, broccoli, squash, cabbage, and tomato. El Centro, California.

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See Also:
  • Rijk Zwaan Holding - Rijk Zwaan breeds and produces vegetable seeds for horticulture professional growers horticulture worldwide.
  • Condor Seed Productions, vegetable seeds, oriental vegetables, seeds for sprouting, microgreens, her - Producer and wholesale distributor of vegetable and herb seed seeds.
  • Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd. - Breeds/produces hybrid vegetable seeds, based in India, exports to Asia vegetables and Africa.
  • Bakker Brothers - Produces vegetable seeds, for worldwide distribution.
  • Aveland International - UK seed producer specialized in peas and beans, also offering horticulture radish, pepper, and turnip seed. Exports worldwide.
  • Agricultural Production Cooperative ISKRA - Produces seeds of grain and pulse crops, corn, seed vegetables and volatile-oil-bearing plants.
  • Sungro Seeds - Vegetable seed producer located in India. Includes information on products, offices, and production locations.
  • Tainong Seeds, Inc. - California distributor of Chinese vegetable seeds for commercial growers in vegetables North America. Site offers vegetable photos and descriptions.
  • Abbott and Cobb - Vegetable seeds for the commercial grower, hybrid seeds, 24 hours seed a day.
  • Chinglongseeds Co., Ltd - Breeder, producer, and distributor of hybrid cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese cabbage vegetables and watermelon seeds, based in Taiwan.
  • Seminis Garden - Wholesale division of a large developer, grower and seed marketer of vegetable and fruit seeds. Gives links seed to retail outlets for their seed.
  • Holmes Seed Company - Distributor of vegetable seeds to commercial growers.
  • Siegers Seed Company - Distributes fresh market vegetable seeds into USA and vegetables Canada.
  • Emerald Seed Company - Open pollinated and hybrid varieties, both proprietary and horticulture public selections, of onion, broccoli, squash, cabbage, and horticulture tomato. El Centro, California.
  • Germania Seed Company - Distributes annual, perennial and vegetable seeds, plants, and vegetables plugs.
  • Hollar Seeds - Produces cucurbit varieties (melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, etc.), selling vegetables through distributors.
  • Seedway - A vegetable seed business in Pennsylvania that produces, horticulture imports, and seed markets a full line of commercial horticulture grower vegetable seeds.
  • Danson Seeds - Breeder and producer of hybrid vegetable seeds, especially tomatoes, peppers, vegetables corn, squash, and lettuce.
  • Pop Vriend Seeds B.V. - International vegetable seed company based in the Netherlands. Information tailored to various target markets, and PDF catalog. Includes a range of organic seeds.
  • Tozer Seeds - Breeds vegetable seeds, distributes to commercial growers or horticulture distributors worldwide.
  • East West Seeds International - Supplies tropical vegetable seeds for Southeast Asian market.
  • Twilley Seed - Specializes in supplying vegetable seed to professional and home growers, horticulture but also sells flowerseed. Visit the site to request a horticulture free catalog.
  • Magnus Kahl Seeds - Breeds and produces onion seeds, based in Australia.
  • Rogers / Syngenta Seeds, Inc. - Breeds and produces hybrid and open pollinated vegetable seeds, selling through distributors.
  • Nunhems Zaden - Produces vegetable seeds for professional growers.
  • Pallishree Limited - Indian producer and distributor of vegetable seeds, such as onion, vegetables pea, palak, amaranthus.

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