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Supplier of hives, equipment, protective clothing, pest and disease control materials, and honey products. Website also has information on beekeeping in Arab countries. Beirut, Lebanon.

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  • Honey Super Cell - Manufacturer of 4.9mm fully drawn plastic frames for equipment small cell beekeeping.
  • Jones Bee Company, Utah - Beekeeping tools and hardware, honey collection tools, frame parts and livestock repairs, bee blowers, books.
  • Matuka packaging machines - Croatian source for honey packaging equipment.
  • Betterbee - Suppliers of beekeeping and related equipment, also of beekeeping honey, beeswax, beekeeping soap and candle making supplies. beekeeping Online shopping.
  • Cook&Beals, Inc - Honey extracting equipment.
  • Alliance Beekeepers Woodware - Produces beehives and beekeeping equipment. Product details and list of distributors.
  • Swienty - Danish source of beekeeping supplies, materials and equipment. Trilingual site; livestock English, Danish, German.
  • BeeMaid Beestore - Supplying hives, equipment, accessories, clothing and tools.
  • Cowen Manufacturing, Inc - Manufactures and sells large scale commercial beekeeping equipment.
  • Mason Bee Homes - Orchard mason bee houses to attract mason bees beekeeping for natural equipment pollination.
  • Garden Pollinator - Suppliers of nesting tubes for Osmia and other solitary pollinating equipment bees in Cleveland, USA.
  • Sting Shield Insect Veil - Bee veils and personal protective equipment provider.
  • Western Bee Supplies, Inc. - Hives and hive components, and beekeeping supplies. Also equipment sells other wooden goods. Montana.
  • Knox Cellars - Orchard mason beekeeping supplies, in Washington State.
  • Shastina Millwork - Manufactures beehive wooden ware.
  • - Sells beekeeping supplies, and also has a collection beekeeping of plans beekeeping for making equipment.
  • Yazbek & Sons - Supplier of hives, equipment, protective clothing, pest and livestock disease control livestock materials, and honey products. Website also livestock has information on beekeeping livestock in Arab countries. Beirut, livestock Lebanon.
  • The Beez Neez Apiary Supply - Offers a wide variety of beekeeping equipment and livestock related supplies (Washington State).
  • Pender Beekeeping Supplies - Offers beekeeping equipment to apiarists. Based in Australia.

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