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The Canadian Alpaca website to promote the understanding and future of alpacas in Canada. Includes links to Canadian Alpaca farms.

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  • Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association - Explains start-up procedures and financial aspects, as well camelids as offering alpacas background information, photographs, events calendar, and camelids a magazine.
  • GALA: The Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association - Informational and educational material regarding the llama and alpaca community alpacas in the Eastern United States. Mission, staff, how to use alpacas their library, calendar of events, photos, and news.
  • The British Llama and Alpaca Association - Representing owners, breeders and enthusiasts of llamas, alpacas, vicunas, guanacos camelids and camels in the UK.
  • - A marketing venture of the American Breeders Co-op offering information and links to farms across the US.
  • New Mexico Alpaca Breeders - Alpaca farm and ranch directory in New Mexico and surrounding states. Cooperative marketing association of farms.
  • The Alpaca Registry, Inc. - A database of the genealogy, blood-typing, and ownership alpacas records of alpacas in North America and a alpacas few alpacas outside this area. Full text searchable alpacas access to Journals and the latest ARI Newsletter. alpacas ARI Members can access the database online.
  • Great Lakes Alpaca Association - The purpose of GLAA is to promote public associations awareness of, camelids and interest in, alpacas and their associations fiber.
  • Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association - Providing a network for camelid enthusiasts to share experiences and camelids develop a recognized llama and alpaca industry
  • The State Of Texas Alpaca Ranchers - Includes a listing of "STAR" members, a newsletter, events page associations and other alpaca information.
  • Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, Inc - USA. Agricultural cooperative for North American alpaca breeders, associations focusing on associations the development, collection, processing and market associations promotion of alpaca fiber associations and its products. Links associations to related sites.
  • Alpaca Information - The Canadian Alpaca website to promote the understanding alpacas and future alpacas of alpacas in Canada. Includes links alpacas to Canadian Alpaca farms.
  • Maine Alpaca Association - Includes a directory of members, a listing of alpacas veterinarians and other resources, a newsletter subscription offer alpacas and map of Maine.
  • Empire Alpaca Association - New York state breeders, owners, and enthusiasts. Newsletter, calendar, and show information.
  • The Maryland Alpaca Breeders Association - Maryland Alpaca Breeders Association. We are an camelids organization devoted camelids to educating the public about alpacas, camelids alpaca breeding, alpaca fleece camelids and alpaca veterinary issues.

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