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Sharing information about llamas and alpacas with fellow owners and the general public. Listings of breeders and events as well as practical husbandry information provided.

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  • Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association - Purpose is to educate members and public as llamas to the breeding, raising and caring of llamas llamas and related camelids. Members are from the llamas greater Appalachian area.
  • Llamas Of Central Colorado - Formed to promote public awareness through local event, llamas public relations, and advertising. Information on packing, fiber, llamas guard animal, companion animal, pet therapy, showing, breeding llamas and raising.
  • International Lama Registry - ILR information, fee structure, name search, DNA associations procedure information, animal and owner census data. Members associations can also access common forms used for associations transactions with the ILR.
  • Oklahoma Llama Association - Owners and breeders promoting health and education. camelids Information on llama health care, hiking, show, and camelids its members.
  • Llama Association of Southern California - Non-profit organization of llama owners and breeders interested llamas in the camelids exchange and dissemination of information about llamas the llama, including meetings camelids and fun events.
  • Wisconsin Organization of Lama Enthusiasts (ORGLE) - Supports the lama community in promoting lamas and camelids their uses, camelids educates its members and the general camelids public about lamas, and camelids provides social opportunities for camelids its members.
  • Missouri Llama Association - Information on llama showing, fiber, poison control, rescue, medical research, llamas and health.
  • Fraser Valley Llama and Alpaca Club - Club provides members a network for learning and camelids support of camelids each other, to care for, promote, camelids market their animals. Includes camelids newsletter, club history, membership camelids list, Spinning group, photos, birth announcements, camelids 4 H camelids group. Members from the Vancouver, Bri
  • Llama Association of Australia - The purpose is to educate and facilitate communication camelids between members and the general public in matters camelids relating to the care and appreciation of llamas.
  • Pack Llama Trial Association - Information and rules on certification and testing of associations pack llamas. Membership list, event listings, and statistics.
  • - Sharing information about llamas and alpacas with fellow llamas owners and the general public. Listings of breeders llamas and events as well as practical husbandry information llamas provided.
  • Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association - Providing a network for camelid enthusiasts to share associations experiences and associations develop a recognized llama and alpaca associations industry.
  • New Hampshire Lama Association - Promotes, educates, and provides a support network for camelids NH lama associations owners and enthusiasts. Membership information, camelids event schedule, steering committee, associations lama care and showing camelids articles, handout sheets, items for sale, associations association history, camelids and related links.
  • Pennsylvania Llama and Alpaca Association - A cooperative group of llama owners providing promotional, camelids educational, marketing and support. Members from Pennsylvania and camelids neighboring states.
  • American Miniature Llama Association - Sharing information among owners, breeders, and persons interested associations in miniature llamas.
  • Tennessee Llama Community - Representing farms in Tennessee, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Georgia, camelids and Alabama. Member benefits include regional educational and marketing camelids events. llama medical, health, fiber, and showing seminars.
  • Llama Council - Information on llama health, housing, care, breeding, and associations packing.
  • Alpaca and Llama Show Association - Promoting llamas and alpacas by enhancing the visibility and demonstrating associations the versatility of llamas at shows; establishing guidelines for the associations shows, educating the judges and recording the achievements of the associations individual llamas.
  • Ohio River Valley Llama Association - Provide camaraderie and sharing of information among owners. Members are active in parades, nursing home and school visits, church camps, and showing. Includes membership list, llama facts, calendar of events, library, research, and photo fun.
  • NorthEast Ohio Llama Association - Owners and breeders promoting llama health, husbandry, shows, associations packing, and fiber.
  • Rocky Mountain Llama Association. - Promoting camelids to the general public and members. camelids Information on Llama breeding, showing, carting, packing, fiber, camelids and guarding.
  • Southwest Washington Llama Association - Group of llama breeders and owners. Providing associations a list camelids of board members, board minutes, bylaws, associations calendar of events, and camelids member photo album.

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