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Seedstock for the commercial cattleman specializing in cattle that thrive (not merely survive) in tough, cold, high altitude conditions. Cattle that have a balance between calving ease, growth and maternal traits.

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  • Hood-Richman Farms - Tennessee based performance beef cattle operation featuring Gelbvieh, SmartCross and breeders Balancers. American Gelbvieh Association member.
  • Franklin Hill Gelbvieh Farm - A Gelbvieh cattle operation located in Oxford, NC, breeders specializing in breeds black polled cattle.
  • Hay Creek Ranch - Gelbvieh breeder in Boyes, Montana
  • Judd Ranch Inc. - A purebred Gelbvieh ranch operated by Dave and Cindy Judd breeders of Pomona, Kansas. Bull sales catalogues are available in PDF breeders format.
  • Flying H Genetics - Gelbvieh and Gelplus bulls, cows, and heifers. gelbvieh Also has cattle semen and embryos for sale. gelbvieh Located in Arapahoe, NE, USA.
  • Eagle Pass Ranch, Highmore, SD - Registered Angus and Gelbvieh cattle for sale. Since breeders 1988, nearly gelbvieh 30,000 cows have been AI\\'d to breeders Gelbvieh sires and over gelbvieh 7,000 females have been breeders registered. The present herd consists gelbvieh of 1,500 breeders registered Gelbvieh females and 600 registered Angus females gelbvieh breeders on
  • Taubenheim Gelbvieh - Amherst, Nebraska premier producer in the Gelbvieh breed. gelbvieh Production sale catalog and photographs.
  • Hill Top Haven Farm - Breeder of Gelbvieh cattle in Strange Creek, West gelbvieh Virginia
  • Thorstenson Gelbvieh and Angus - Located near Selby, South Dakota, this ranch offers purebred Gelbvieh, hybrid or Balancer bulls, (Gelbvieh x Red or Black Angus) and purebred Angus bulls. Annual production sale held first Saturday in March.
  • San Juan Ranch - Shandon, California ranch specializing in the production of purebred registered breeders Gelbvieh cattle including herd bulls and replacement heifers.
  • Gaaskjolen Gelbvieh and Angus - Meadow, South Dakota Gelbvieh breeders. Sale offerings included.
  • Spring Valley Farms, Phillipsburg, KS - Breeders of Angus and Gelbvieh purebred cattle and a few registered Quarter Horses located in northern Kansas about half way between Denver and Kansas City.
  • Unsicker Farms - High performance, moderately framed, optimum EPD Gelbvieh and Angus herd breeds sires are used to produce commercial F1 and composite heifers breeds and bulls near Peoria, Illinois.
  • Golden Image Partnership - Ford, Kansas seedstock producers of Gelbvieh, Angus and breeders Balancer cattle. Partnership between Martin\'s Golden Acres breeders and Double Image Farms.
  • CKS Gelbvieh - Breeder of Gelbvieh cattle near Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Elk Creek Gelbvieh - Breeding Gelbvieh Cattle since 1971. Raising Homozygous gelbvieh Black, Multi Generation Polled Purebred Gelbvieh
  • Malm Ranch, Albin, WY - A purebred Hereford herd was begun in 1950 followed by gelbvieh the addition of purebred Angus, Red Angus, Salers, Gelbvieh, South gelbvieh Devon and Braunvieh herds in the 1980\\'s and 1990\\'s. These gelbvieh purebred herds were used to develop the present-day breed called gelbvieh Carcass Ma
  • Chimney Butte Ranch, Mandan, ND - Breeders of Gelbvieh cattle. Gelbvieh bulls listed breeders for sale in online catalogue.
  • Mill Creek Ranch - Mill Creek Ranch is located at the north gelbvieh edge of the Flint Hills near Alma, Kansas gelbvieh raising Hereford, Angus, and Gelbvieh cattle.
  • Prairie Star Farms, Emerald, NE - Offering Gelbvieh cattle, horses, and Jack Russell terriors breeds for sale.
  • Owens Maple Tree Farms, Tyro, KS - A small herd of hand picked females and bulls located in the southeast corner of Kansas.
  • Triple K Gelbvieh - Breeder of registered Gelbvieh in Bonner Springs, KS
  • Sunny Plain Gelbvieh - Raising purebred Gelbvieh Cattle in southern Saskatchewan. Provides gelbvieh an online catalog of animals for sale.
  • Golden Buckle Gelbvieh Ranch - Offering bred seed stock from popular bloodlines. Located breeds in North breeders Dakota.
  • Hill & Dale Farms - Breeder of Gelbvieh cattle near Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Crawfish Creek Cattle Farms - Seedstock sired by Gelbvieh, Balancer, Angus and Red gelbvieh Angus bulls. Located in Chickamauga, GA, USA. History, gelbvieh photos, advertisements.
  • Goldrush Genetics, Guide Rock, NE - A breeding program with over 90% of the breeders calf crop resulting from A.I. using more than breeders 20 top sires in the Gelbvieh, Angus, and breeders Red Angus breeds of cattle. Every cow is breeders strategically mated to the best sires in the breeders breed.
  • Kitley Farms On-Line - Breeder of registered Gelbvieh cattle in Flora, IL
  • Davidsons Gelbvieh - Purebred Gelbvieh Cattle in Southern Saskatchewan.
  • Circle 23 Ranch, Buena Vista, Colorado - Seedstock for the commercial cattleman specializing in cattle gelbvieh that thrive (not merely survive) in tough, cold, gelbvieh high altitude conditions. Cattle that have a balance gelbvieh between calving ease, growth and maternal traits.
  • Bar T Bar Ranch - Producers of Gelbvieh, Angus and Balancer cattle. Located in Northern breeds Arizona.
  • Burbank Cattle Co., Registered Gelbvieh Cattle - BCC Provides complete EPD\\'s, on-test gain data, actual breeders birth, weaning and yearling weights, ultrasound carcass breeders data, pelvic, frame and scrotal measurements as well breeders as breeding soundness exam. Located in St. Catharine, breeders MO, USA.
  • T Square Gelbvieh - Mooresville, NC producer of quality registered Gelbvieh, registered breeds Gelbvieh Balancers, and commercial Gelbvieh/Angus cattle with Homozygous breeds Black and/or Polled and Homozygous Polled Red bulls.
  • Williamson Gelbvieh - Ankeny, Iowa breeders of Gelbvieh cattle for over 20 years.
  • Rocking B Farm - Gibson, North Carolina operation with heifers, cows, bulls breeds and embryos available at all times.
  • Kicking Horse Ranch Gelbvieh - Specializing in Gelbvieh Cattle since 1973. Located breeders in Northern Montana. Offering performance tested bulls and breeders females, red and black.
  • Gelbvieh Bar None Ranch - Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge breeds Mountains. Includes photos and statistics for bulls breeds and cows, as well as ranch information and breeds contact details.
  • Karlebo Gelbvieh Farms - Gelbvieh cattle operation located in Cleveland, North Carolina. breeders Home of breeds Black Image.
  • Watson Double U Gelbvieh - Located near Medicine Hat in southeastern Alberta, Canada, the semi-arid breeds climate results in only the hardiest and most fertile of breeds cattle being successful. The results of crossing a Gelbvieh bull breeds with British cows was so astounding that the herd has breeds now pr
  • Markes Family Farms - Breeders of Gelbvieh cattle. Located in Waukomis, Oklahoma, USA.
  • Raile Gelbvieh - St Francis, Kansas family operation of primarily dryland wheat and breeders registered Gelbvieh cattle.

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