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  • The Lazy L Ranch - Breeder who hand-raises healthy and happy ADMS and donkeys ACOSA registered standard and mammoth Standard Donkeys. Located in Alvord, Texas, donkeys USA.
  • West Farm Mules & Mammoth Donkeys - Breeders of show quality halter and performance mules and mammoth donkeys and mules donkey jackstock. Specializing in breeding for mules with color, Buckskins, donkeys and mules Duns and Blacks. Located in Las Vegas Nevada.
  • Walk-A-Bout Acres - Breeders of mammoth jackstock and an occasional mule. Offering donkeys and mules 2 mammoth jacks at stud. Located in the beautiful donkeys and mules Bitteroot Valley of Florence, MT, USA.
  • Buzzsaw Ranch - A newly developing herd of quality Mammoth Jackstock. Adult animals standard and mammoth are used for riding therapy, pleasure riding, and packing as standard and mammoth well as much loved family pets. Located in Medford, Wisconsin, standard and mammoth USA.

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