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Specializing in the breeding and showing of naturally colored Angora goats and rabbits that range in color from various shades of red, copper, moorit and black. Located in southern California.

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  • Willow Haven Farm - At Willow-Haven Farms there are nearly 40 registered breeders angora goats, breeds miniature donkeys and llamas. They\\'ve been breeders raising goats for about breeds six years now and breeders really enjoy it. Smithville, Ontario, Canada.
  • Waterloo Mohair - Breeder of Angora Goats and crafter of fine breeds homespun mohair hats, scarves and shawls, hand-woven mohair breeds rugs, raw mohair and llama yarns. Located in breeds Utica, PA, USA.
  • Mo-Hare Farms - Specializing in the breeding and showing of naturally colored Angora goats and rabbits that range in color from various shades of red, copper, moorit and black. Located in southern California.
  • Big Sky Fiber Farm - Small Montana farm specializing in fiber breeds: colored and white Angora goats, Shetland Sheep, and Angora rabbits. Check out the beautiful red Angora buck on the home page.
  • Lavender Hill Farm - Breeders of colored Angora goats with an emphasis breeders on excellent breed qualities and well managed, healthy breeders goats. Located in South Western Pennsylvania, USA.
  • The Little Angora House on the Prairie - Breeders of registered and commercial white Angora Goats located in breeds the Flinthills of Kansas. Fine fibered stock available.
  • Keldaby Farm - This farm raises Angora goats and successfully markets breeders value added breeds mohair products. Colrain, MA.
  • Spring Beauty Farm - Small farm in Sheridan, Illinois, specializing in Angora breeds goats and sheep, including Jacob sheep and Corriedales.
  • Tall Grass Farm - Information about Angora goats and their fiber. Mohair angora and mohair/wool blend rovings, finished goods and animals angora offered.
  • Crookabeck Angoras - Mohair products in the English Lake District. Yarns and hand angora knitted products from their own Angora goats are available from angora the farm shop.
  • Persimmon Tree Farm - Breeders of reg. white and colored show quality breeders angora goats. Breeding for healthy animals with sturdy breeders bodies, soft, fine, high luster handspinning fleeces. Located breeders in south central Pennsylvania.
  • Sexton Mohair Enterprises/Angora Goats - Midwestern farm specializing in registered and natural colored breeders Angora goats. angora Sexton, Iowa.
  • Crane Creek Angora Goats - Angora goat breeder in Sumner, Iowa, producing both registered white and colored goats.
  • Whispering Willow Farm - Breeders of registered colored angora goats offering stock breeders and natural breeds colored fiber for pinning, weaving, felting, breeders and crafts. Located in breeds Corvalis, Montana, USA.
  • Rookhurst Farm - Breeders of Angora Goats, Colored Angora Goats, Jacob Sheep, Miniature Donkeys, and Great Pyrenees Guardian Dogs. Located in Arkansas, USA.
  • Sylvania Park Mohair Farm - Site for a historic Australian farm specializing in Angora goats. breeds Accommodations and farm tours available. Located in Horsham, Victoria, Australia.
  • El Coyote Ranch - Breeders of Angora, Cashgora, and Cashmere goats. Offering natural fibers breeds and fiber processing as well as spinning and weaving breeds equipment. Located in Menard, Texas, USA.
  • Villa Angora - The site of a small goat ranch in breeds Vermont specializing angora in Angora goats.
  • Hill Shepherd Farm Angora goats and mohair - Angora goats, white and colored, raised in a large, well-managed breeds flock. Breeding stock, mohair for spinners and crafters and starter breeds flocks available. The owners were instrumental in the importation breeds of Australian genetics. Located in Killbuck, Ohio, US
  • TLC Ranch Angora Goats & Mohair - TLC Ranch and Fibers. Home to Registered and naturally colored breeds Angora Goats, Mohair and Hand Spinning Supplies. Davenport, WA.
  • Steppingstones Angoras - Breeders of purebred and registered Corriedale and Jacob Sheep, Registered breeds Angora and Cashmere goats, and Angora rabbits. Located in Clayton, breeds New York.
  • Nowhere Branch - Breeding Angora Goats, bred with intent to continually angora improve the genetics of their herd. Also offering angora mohair raw and rovings, skirted for doll hair angora and felted, and knitted-with-handspun hats. Located near angora Asheville, NC.
  • Singing Falls Ranch - Breeders of naturally colored angora goats on a angora small homestead in Umpqua National Forest. Offering mohair, angora hand spun yarn, and hand woven mohair products. angora Located in Tiller, Oregon, USA.
  • Wynham Farms - Colorado Fiber - This small acreage in the High Plains of breeders Colorado is host to a small herd of breeders Angora Goats who provide quality mohair to handspin, breeders knit, crochet and weave.
  • Kozka Farm - A family owned farm located in North Central breeders Minnesota. Raising breeders and selling many livestock species, including breeders Angora and Cashmere goats.

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