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A Minnesota dairy goat farm marketing goat milk and cheese in the upper midwest since 1972. Purebred Alpine, Nubian, Saanen, and Toggenburg breeding stock for sale.

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  • Little Creek Ranch - Home of boer goats and a mixture of goats dairy goat breeds. Texas.
  • Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm - A Minnesota dairy goat farm marketing goat milk dairy goats and breeds cheese in the upper midwest since 1972. dairy goats Purebred Alpine, breeds Nubian, Saanen, and Toggenburg breeding stock dairy goats for sale.
  • Khimaira Farm - Dairy goat farm located in Luray, VA, USA. breeds Nubians are breeds the primary breed. Offering gifts and breeds supplies including pasteurizers.
  • Echo Hill's Farm Dairy Goats - Raising registered Nubians, Lamanchas, Mini-Nubians, Mini-LaManchas, and Mini-Oberhalsis dairy goats for breeds milk and show. Top U.S. Bloodlines available.
  • Crescent Ridge Farm Dairy Goats - Breeding show quality Toggenburg, Oberhasli, and Alpine dairy dairy goats goats.
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  • Treasured Tapestry - We have a small farm. We raise Purebred breeds Nubians Dairy dairy goats Goats, Great Pyrenees as Guardians, Shetland breeds Sheep, California Red Sheep, dairy goats Colored and White South breeds African Angora Goats.
  • Knowles Island Farm - A South Carolina based goat farm specializing in registered Nubian goats dairy goats. Excellent bloodlines.
  • Echo Lake Dairy Goats - Brief information from the owners of a small herd of breeds Toggenburg/Alpine Experimentals which they show competitively. New Hartford, CT.
  • Willowbank Toggenburgs. - Pure Toggenburg dairy goats bred in England. Hardy breeds goats with consistent milk yields.
  • ChrisDan Farm - Replacement Dairy Goats Mainly Sanaan With some Alpine goats Crosses For breeds Sale.
  • Forrest-Pride Dairy Goats - The Forrest-Pride herd is located in the beautiful goats hills and breeds forest of the Missouri Ozarks. The goats herd consists of about breeds 20 to 25 quality goats does and bucks, bred for consistency breeds in health, goats temperament, production and show.
  • Purina Mills, LLC - Offers health food nutrition for goats. Includes a dealer locator, informational library, and kids pages.
  • Website of Toddbrook Dairy Goats - The Toddbrook Herd of prize winning British Saanen and British goats dairy goats aims to breed large and productive milk recorded goats goats with good conformation.
  • Kayloma Farms - Small dairy farm in Greenville, WV. Kayloma Nubians goats Smooth Design. dairy goats We are also known for our goats Grooming and Boarding Kennels.
  • Wood Oaks Farm - Goat raising with information about the dairy breeds, goats goat driving, recipes, links and photographs.

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