Breeders LaMancha Breeds Goats

Breeders of LaMancha Dairy Goats. LaManchas are a small eared breed of dairy goats.

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  • Little Rockspring - Breeder of LaManchas for 40 years, Toggenburgs for 50 years. This large herd is at Blairs Mills, PA., U.S.A. Linear appraisal scores, DHIR, Champion and Reserve Champion at the Nationals.
  • Quixote LaManchas - Rex and Barbara Backus are longtime LaMancha breeders in California. breeders Includes pedigree and pictures, LaMancha breed history, Goats Leap Cheese. breeders Links.
  • Fairwoods Farm - Longtime LaMancha breeders, located near Waller, TX., USA. DHIR records, lamancha HES scores. CAE Prevention Program.
  • Little Orchard LaMancha Dairy Goats - LaMancha breeders for over 30 years, near Bordentown, breeds NJ., USA. Includes pictures, pedigrees, DHIA records and breeds Linear Appraisal scores.
  • Here-be-goats Farm - Located in Gainesville, Florida, USA, this small herd consists of LaManchas and Nubians. Includes pictures, pedigrees, and linear appraisal scores.
  • Forrest Pride Dairy Goats - LaMancha breeder near Richland, Mo., U.S.A. Includes extended lamancha pedigrees and lamancha a picture gallery.
  • Thunder Hill Dairy Goats - Includes pictures and pedigrees. Located in CA., USA.
  • Vanity Caprine Dairy Goats - Located near Little Rock, AR., USA. Includes pictures and information on the individual goats.
  • Gladstone's Dairy Goats - Small herd of LaManchas and Nubians located near breeders West Paris, ME., USA. Includes pictures, pedigrees, Linear breeders Appraisal scores and contact information.
  • Fir Meadow Farm - LaMancha herd located near Twisp, WA., USA. Includes pedigrees, pictures breeds and Linear Appraisal scores.
  • Bar-4L-Tejas - Includes pictures, pedigrees, DHIR records, Linear Appraisal scores lamancha and show breeds records. Located at Wichita Falls, TX., lamancha USA.
  • Shammys LaManchas and Nubians - Includes pedigrees, pictures and DHIR records. Located near Marcola, OR., USA.
  • JHEH Alpines and LaManchas - Small, new herd located near Del Norte, CO., USA. Includes breeders pictures and pedigree information on the LaManchas and Alpines.
  • Becca's LaManchas - Home of 1999 Junior and Senior LaMancha National breeders Champions, near Kelseyville, CA., USA. Includes pictures, pedigrees, breeders Linear Appraisal scores and contact information.
  • Raintree Dairy Goats - Herd of purebred and grade LaManchas, located near breeds Hawkins, WI., lamancha USA. Includes pictures, pedigrees, show records breeds and HES scores.
  • Cashfarms LaManchas - Linear Appraisal scores, DHIA records and pedigrees. They lamancha are in breeds Amarillo, TX., U.S.A.
  • Kansas Sunflower - Very small herd of LaManchas and Nubians, located near Leon, KS., USA. Includes pictures, pedigrees and a gestation calculator.
  • Shepherd's Gate Lamanchas - This small LaMancha herd is located at Pfeifer, breeds KS., USA. Includes pictures and pedigrees, plus information breeds on their Alpine dairy goats - Sarah B\'s breeds Alpines.
  • Celtic Knot & Joyful Morn - Small herd of LaManchas, located at Carrollton, OH., U.S.A. breeds Includes pictures, pedigrees, Linear Appraisal scores and show records.
  • LaRaynebo Acres Goats - A small, very new herd of LaMancha, Nubian breeds and Pygmy goats, located at Inyokern, CA., USA. breeds Includes pictures and sales information.
  • Rocky Run - Breeders of LaManchas and Saanens for many years, located at lamancha Napavine, WA., U.S.A. Pictures, linear appraisal scores, and plans for lamancha building a goat cart are included.
  • MedleyFarm - A small, new herd located in western Massachusetts, breeders USA. Includes pictures and pedigrees.
  • Romaha LaManchas - Located in Duncan, OK., USA. DHIR records, Linear Appraisal scores, pictures and extended pedigrees.
  • R-Valley-View Lamanchas - Includes pictures, pedigrees, DHIR records and Linear Appraisal scores. Located near Loudonville, OH., USA.
  • Token Of Hearts - Herd of LaManchas, Nubians and Saanens, located in Cleveland, Texas, USA. Includes pedigrees and contact information.
  • Dream Goats LaManchas - Longtime breeders of LaMancha Dairy Goats, located near breeders Denison, IA., USA., specializing in goats for milk breeders and show. Sales list includes pedigrees, breeders pictures and show records. Kids are raised breeders on CAE Prevention Program.
  • Walnut Valley Dairy Goats - Includes pedigrees, Linear Appraisal scores, show and DHIR records, plus information on their Alpines. Located in PA., USA.
  • RedDragonFarm - Located near Tehachapi, CA., USA. Extended pedigrees, plus dairy lamancha goat showmanship instructions and diagrams.
  • Little Bunch Dairy Goats - Includes pedigrees, Linear Appraisal scores ,"goat gestamater", and USDA data breeders on bucks of all breeds. Located in USA.
  • South Fork LaMancha Dairy Goats - Includes pictures, pedigrees, DHIR records, show records and contact information. Located near Lyons, CO., USA.
  • Lucky Star Farm - Breeders of award winning LaMancha dairy goats and breeders Anatolian Shepherd breeders dogs. Located on the Olympic Peninsula breeders in Port Angeles, WA, breeders USA.
  • Powder Horn Lamancha and Toggenburg Dairy Goats - Herd of LaManchas and Toggenburgs, raised on CAE breeders prevention Program, breeders located at Cottonwood, CA., USA. Includes breeders DHIR records and linear breeders appraisal scores.
  • Two Bar Farms - Herd of LaManchas and Nubians, located near Moundridge, breeders KS., USA. Includes pedigrees, pictures and contact information.
  • Rockin CB LaManchas - Their kids are raised on a CAE Prevention breeds Program, located near Chattaroy, WA., USA. Includes Linear breeds Appraisal scores, DHIR records, show records, pictures and breeds extended pedigrees, plus ordering information on Batik Goat breeds Design T-Shirts.
  • Fias Co Farm Dairy Goats - LaMancha herd located near Mooresburg, TN., USA. Includes extended pedigrees, breeds pictures, plus lots of goat husbandry information, as well as breeds cheesemaking instructions and recipes.
  • King Farm Dariy Goats - Longtime herd of LaManchas, Saanens and Alpines located in Ohio, breeders USA. Includes pictures, pedigrees and linear appraisal scores.
  • Marshmeadow Farm LaManchas - Longtime LaMancha breeders, located near Frewsburg, NY., USA. breeds Includes pictures, breeds pedigrees, DHIR records, Linear Appraisal scores breeds and show records.
  • Longview Farm LaManchas - A small LaMancha herd near Bangor, MN., U.S.A. Linear appraisal scores are included.
  • Amberwood Dairy Goats - Longtime breeder of LaManchas and Nubians, this small herd is breeds located at Mariposa, CA., USA. Show records, pedigrees, pictures, and breeds list of semen for sale.
  • Dem Dare and Lady Liberty Dairy Goats - A small, new herd of LaManchas and Nubians, located in Middletown, NY, USA. Includes price list, pictures and pedigrees.

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