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A transmitter signals a pager to notify when your horse is in the foaling position to assure your presence at foaling time. Company based in California.

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  • Foalert - Offers birth monitoring system for mares, cows, sheep equipment and supplies horses and ponies and llamas. Located in Acworth, Georgia.
  • medeaLAB CASA Sperm Analyzer - Sperm analysis system for routine testing in IVF and veterinary equipment and supplies labs
  • Sporthorse Breeder - Frozen semen links and resources for horse owners.
  • Ovatec Horse and Cow Breeding Device - Technical information on the Ovatec, a vaginal probe horses and ponies that detects optimum time to breed, also horses and ponies can identify breeding problems and assist in gender horses and ponies selection.
  • Montana Westwood, Inc. - We are the manufacturer and distributor of the horses and ponies equipment and supplies finest padded equine stocks and phantom mare breeding horses and ponies equipment and supplies mounts on the market today.
  • Robor Electronics - Offers birth alarms and cameras. Includes description and photos of products. (Dutch, English)
  • EquiPage - EquiFone foaling alarms - The breeder is notified by pocket pager or telephone when a pregnant mare lies in the foaling position.
  • Select Breeders Services - Provides equine reproduction services for stallion owners including equipment and supplies equine semen freezing, frozen semen storage and distribution, equipment and supplies embryo freezing and other horse breeding services. Locations equipment and supplies in US, Europe and Australia.
  • Hamilton Research Inc - Products for the collection, processing, storage and transport breeding of cooled semen, including the "gold-standard" Equitainer and breeding the new disposable Clipper.
  • Equine Breeding Supply - Offers artificial insemination equipment and supplies for sale. equipment and supplies Includes photos and information on mount and equipment and supplies chutes. Located in Penrose, Colorado.
  • Foaling Monitor & Alarm - A transmitter signals a pager to notify when equipment and supplies your horse is in the foaling position to equipment and supplies assure your presence at foaling time. Company based equipment and supplies in California.
  • Cyberfoal - A free service locating nurse mares and colostrum breeding for orphan breeding foals and others requiring additional colostrum breeding or mare's milk.
  • Minitube Artificial Insemination Horse Breeding Supplies - Pioneering the research and development of technology and horses and ponies innovative product design of artificial insemination leading to horses and ponies the advancement of efficient animal reproduction throughout the horses and ponies world
  • Exodus Breeders Supply - Supplier of the Equine Express II Cooled Semen Shipper and breeding products necessary for successful breeding; pipettes, semen extenders, whirlpaks, artificial breeding vaginas, Missouri disposable liners, palpation sleeves, lab supplies, etc.
  • Foal-Proof - One step, rapid pregnancy test for horses utilising lateral flow breeding technology to detect the presence of pregnancy specific steroids in breeding maternal blood. Suitable for all types of horses
  • Equine Embryos Inc. Horse Embryo Catalogue and embryo transfer in horses. - A Canadian company that specializes in embryo transfer equipment and supplies equipment and supplies in horses and the production of horse equipment and supplies equipment and supplies embryos and has a selection of high quality equipment and supplies equipment and supplies frozen embryos for sale. Promotes sound breeding of equipment and supplies equipment and supplies sport horses used for jumping, dressage or eventing.
  • - Information and resources on shipped semen including directories of veterinarians, stallions and related companies, equipment reviews, and monthly articles.
  • EquiGen - A facility in Archer, FL providing quality recipient mares and other services associated with embryo transfer.
  • - Official equine distributor of The CryoPorter AR1000 dry horses and ponies horses and ponies vapor shipper.

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