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Manufacturing industrial climate control systems for poultry houses: cooling, humidification, odor control and dust suppression. Complete design, service and installation. Located in California, U.S.

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  • Kuhl Corporation - Kuhl Corporation manufacturers and distributes egg incubators designed for high volume commercial production.
  • Vencomatic - Offers a complete product package of poultry equipment.
  • Cutler Supply - Supplier of feeders, waterers, heaters, netting, and other poultry material for game birds and small animals. Located poultry in Michigan, USA.
  • King Kohl - Supplier of game bird material. Located in Ohio, equipment and supplies livestock US.
  • Boulter Machine Works Ltd. - They fit, overhaul, and sell used egg handling equipment and also provide spare parts, service and repairs. Located in Canada.
  • Tecno Impianti Avicoli - Manufacturer of layer cages and pullet cages with automatic feeding, watering, egg collection and computerized climate control. Located in Italy.
  • Agro Worldwide - Deals with used incubators and mill equipment. Located in equipment and supplies New Jersey, US.
  • EggBoxes.Com - Supplier of egg and poultry packaging. They offer poultry a full line of corrugated egg and poultry poultry boxes, foam and plastic egg trays. Located in poultry Florida, US.
  • Bransby Bunny - Seller of birdhouses for smallholders. Located in the poultry UK.
  • Lewis/MOLA, LLC - Supplier of mechanical poultry harvesting equipment; includes profile, poultry product information equipment and supplies and specifications, and client intranet. Located poultry in Bennettsville, SC.
  • TMC System - Manufacturer of layer and pullet cage systems, disk feeding systems, watering, egg collection, ventilation system, control products as well as egg grading and packing equipment. Located in South Korea.
  • Cumberland - Supplier of feeders and waterers, ventilation and heating, livestock feed delivery and storage, and nesting systems. Located livestock in Illinois, US.
  • Ziggity Systems - Poultry watering specialists manufacture and distribute watering systems for chickens poultry and turkeys. Expert tips, magazine, and management information provided.
  • Randall Burkey Company - Incubators and accessories designed for ratites, game fowl, poultry game birds, poultry poultry, and reptiles.
  • The Poultry Pen - Handcrafted poultry housing, aviaries, runs and arks, hens, livestock and supplies.
  • Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply - A family-owned business that offers poultry and game bird books, poultry supplies, vitamins and medication. Located in Kansas, US.
  • W. Murray Clark Ltd. - Large provider of poultry products, including cage systems, equipment and supplies floor feeding and watering, ventilation equipment, electronic monitoring equipment and supplies systems. Location: Ontario, Canada.
  • Solway Feeders Ltd - Gamekeeping and small holder supplies and equipment including feeders, hoppers, livestock drinkers, traps, brooders and game cover crops. Located in the livestock UK.
  • Gold Cockerel Books - Books by Michael Roberts, United Kingdom farmer and poultry writer, on many poultry-related topics.
  • - Supplier of electronic measurement systems for the egg poultry processing industry. Includes product showcase and contact poultry information.
  • Embrex, Inc. - Develops and markets bioscience and bioengineering-based products for equipment and supplies equipment and supplies the poultry industry, including an automated egg injection equipment and supplies equipment and supplies and transfer system. Technology and profile of company equipment and supplies equipment and supplies at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. (Nasdaq: EMBX).
  • Cantrell Machine Co., Inc. - Manufacturer of complete processing material for poultry. Location: livestock Georgia, U.S.
  • Egganic Industries - Inventor of Henspa: a complete coop system designed livestock to minimize mess, make feeding and watering easy livestock and provide fresh eggs from up to 12 livestock hens. Located in Virginia, US.
  • TrueFog, USA - Manufacturing industrial climate control systems for poultry houses: poultry cooling, humidification, poultry odor control and dust suppression. Complete poultry design, service and installation. poultry Located in California, U.S.
  • - Supplier of egg cartons for farm or home use, small incubators, feeders, waterers. Located in Massachusetts, US.
  • Diversified Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of nest pads and nest ramps. Situated poultry in Arkansas, equipment and supplies USA
  • Agile Mfg. - Manufactures poultry feeding and drinking systems. Includes equipment and supplies livestock technical information and list of distributors.
  • Home-Grown Poultry - Poultry houses made either portable or stationary with equipment and supplies runs attachable on any side to move daily. equipment and supplies Also feed and other supplies.
  • University Books - Publisher and distributor of four poultry science publications livestock offers their livestock mailing list for sale. Canada.
  • Gamekeepa Feeds - Online shop for gamefarming equipment and accessories, from equipment and supplies rearing equipment to books and footwear. Located in equipment and supplies the UK.
  • Incubator Supply Inc. - ISI offers services, parts, and custom engineering to poultry poultry hatcheries worldwide. Specializing in Chick Master, Petersime, poultry Smith, or Cumberland machines.
  • Val Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of all forms of poultry watering systems and environmental livestock systems. Located in Pennsylvania, US, representatives around the world.
  • Lark Engineering Co. - Complete range of Poultry Machines such as Poultry equipment and supplies Feed Griners and Mixers. Also brief detail about equipment and supplies Fully Automatic feed Plant and Pellet Mills. Located equipment and supplies in India.
  • Val-Co - Feeding and climate control products including the automation equipment and supplies equipment and supplies of whole house systems.
  • Poultry Mad UK - Wide range of chickens available including Frizzles, Araucanas, and Black Rock. Includes henhouses, incubators, chicken feed, accessories, books and chicken t-shirts.
  • PALS - Supplier of a variety of feeders, waterers, heaters, and medications. equipment and supplies Located in the Midwest, US.
  • Rooster Booster - A 12 Volt Lighting system for free range chickens housed poultry where mains electricity is not available. Lokated in the UK.
  • Ovorider - Manufacturer of egg processing, automatic egg grading and packaging machinery.
  • British Poultry Science - An electronic and print international journal for poultry poultry scientists and advisers.
  • The Easy Chicken - Supplies, equipment, hatching eggs, and birds. Includes poultry articles and a message board.
  • - Sells chemicals and food additives to ensure clean livestock and healthy equipment and supplies water and feed for poultry. livestock Page includes list of equipment and supplies products, company news, heat livestock stress tips, and list of distributors. equipment and supplies Located livestock in Sydney, Australia.
  • Ovotherm - Manufacturer of clear packaging and custom labels, provides livestock marketing services. equipment and supplies Includes product datasheets and display livestock suggestions.
  • World Bantam and Poultry Society - Publisher of poultry books with online catalogues, charity for conservation of breeds, educational service, national poultry centre and museum, and centre for the disabled. England.

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