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Free Agriculture service where crop farmers and animal ranchers can obtain commodities and research information for everyday use on the farm.

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  • HawkWood Farm Services - A farm sitting/stock minding service for small farms and smallholders services in the South Wales area.
  • ALC-Agri Livestock Consultants-ALC Phytovet - ALC was registered in 1974 in New Zealand. Since 1984 ALC has had its Headquarters in The Netherlands and an office in the UK. From its inception, ALC has provided technical and commercial consulting.
  • Kadesh Ranch - Rent a cowboy program for assistance in the Central Texas area with horse handling, caring for livestock, and database consulting for tracking livestock records.
  • Countrywide Farmers - Cooperative suppliers of animal feeds, seeds, fertilisers, chemicals, grain-marketing, fuel, livestock gardening products, machinery, and fencing. UK.
  • Pedigree International - Maintain several herd books for various species and livestock breeds allowing the breeder to preserve the bloodlines livestock of existing breeds and track the genetics and livestock ownership as animals are bred, bought and sold.
  • - Ag Resource - Free Agriculture service where crop farmers and animal agriculture and forestry services ranchers can obtain commodities and research information for agriculture and forestry services everyday use on the farm.
  • National Livestock Management Database - Offers benchmarking reports, electronic animal traceability, and carcass livestock data services. agriculture and forestry Located in the United Kingdom.
  • Banjara Hills Consults - Facilitation of work of rural non-profit NGOs in livestock India. The agriculture and forestry site gives information on partners, projects livestock and issues, provides links agriculture and forestry to useful contacts.
  • Cie Jules VAN LANCKER s.a. - An agro-industrial company working in livestock and services agricultural productions, livestock processing and marketing and a consulting services office in Brussels in livestock agropastoral projects to international services and government organisations and to the livestock private sector.
  • Canadian Livestock Records Corporation - A national pedigree service for purebred and non-purebred livestock livestock in Canada.

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