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Breeders of Shetland Sheep, alpacas and llamas; also offering fine fibers, fleeces, rovings and wools in natural colors for the spinne/weaver. Located in British Columbia, Canada.

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  • Lamb'z Own Acres Shetland Sheep and Nubian Goats - Spinner\\'s flock of registered Shetland Sheep offering fleeces, handspun yarn, handwoven shawls, breeding stock and custom shearing. Located in Holmes County, Ohio, USA.
  • Avillion Farm - Breeders using natural means to grow, care for, breeds and produce shetland sheep Shetland Sheep, Angora Goats and Angora breeds Rabbits. Located in shetland sheep Jackson Center, PA.
  • Walnut Rise Shetlands - A small family farm specializing in Shetland Sheep shetland sheep and breeders Dexter cattle. Involved with AI/UK sperm shetland sheep importation from breeders UK to diversify their Shetland gene shetland sheep pool. Located in breeders mid-Michigan.
  • Shahbazin Shetland Sheep - Breeder of Shetland Sheep and Anatolian Shepherd Guardian Dogs located shetland sheep in a wilderness valley in southern California. Lambs, including shetland sheep breeding quality rams, for sale.
  • Pine Valley Farm - Specializing in moorit and black animals. UK genetics shetland sheep with emphasis on crimp and softness. Also breeds shetland sheep Soay Sheep. Located in Florence, Montana.
  • Bryn Meadow Farm Vermont Shetland Sheep - Bryn Meadow Farm raises Shetland Sheep and Light Blue Cochin Bantams for sale. Located in Charlotte, VT.
  • Romyldale Shetland Sheep and Sheepdogs - Breeders of Shetland Sheep and Shetland Sheepdogs. Located breeders in LeRoy, shetland sheep Michigan, USA.
  • Shaltz Shetland Sheep Farm - A family farm raising registered OPP-free Shetland Sheep enrolled in MSRRP. Located in Boyne City, Michigan.
  • Smoke Ham Farm - Breeding Shetland Sheep for the rarest and most breeders unusual color breeders combinations, as well as prolificacy and breeders adherence to breed standards. breeders Located in Sullivan, WI, breeders USA.
  • Schoonover Farm - Shetland sheep in a variety of colors, markings breeds and fleece types. Nigerian Dwarf goats and breeds Highland cattle. Located near Sedro Woolley, WA.
  • BrambleWool Shetland Sheep - Wisconsin farm specializing in Shetland Sheep. Lots of great breeds pictures including a darling picture of a lamb at the breeds bottom of the page.
  • Sheep Hollow Farm and Fiber - Breeders of Shetland sheep and a mail-order business offering handspinning breeders fiber and dyes. Located in Estacada, OR, USA.
  • Celtic Winds Shetland Sheep - Information, pictures, and lambs for sale from breeders of registered shetland sheep Shetland sheep. Located in southern Michigan.
  • Donna's Menagerie - Breeder of Shetland sheep with a variety of dairy goat breeds and poultry offering Shetland Sheep for sale. Located in Skagit County, WA, USA.
  • Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm - Shetland breeders offering sheep, lambs, rams, fleece, handspun breeders yarns, fiber arts, instruction, Triangle looms of VT breeders Maple. Located in Wilmington, VT.
  • Maple Ridge Sheep Farm - Probably the oldest Shetland Sheep farm in the breeders US and possibly the largest flock. This site breeders has information especially useful to Northeastern shepherds. Includes breeders information about feeding the Shetlands during long Vermont breeders winters and an essay about the pr
  • Swift River Farm - Offering Shetland sheep, bred for fiber and colour diversity. Breeding breeds stock, yarn, and fleeces available. Located in Petersham, MA.
  • Mountain Niche Farm - Breeders of Shetland, Navajo-Churro, and Leicester Longwool sheep; offering breeding breeds stock, fleeces, roving, yarn, hand-woven products, and contract weaving breeds services. Located in Chehalis, WA.
  • Kimberwood Farm - Breeders of Shetland sheep; offering wool, roving, breeding stock, fiber shetland sheep studio. Located in Prior Lake, Minnesota.
  • Twin Springs Farm - Suppliers of Black Angus Cattle and White Galloway breeds Cattle, Shetland breeds Sheep and Mammoth Jack Stock for breeds breeding. Offering fine spinning breeds fleece. Located in breeds Avonmore, PA, USA.
  • Shepherdwoods Farm - Breeder of Shetland Sheep with emphasis on a breeds spinner\'s flock. Located in Marseilles, Illinois, USA.
  • Big Sky Fiber Farm: Shetland Sheep - Shetland sheep photo and history presented by a breeders Montana farm.
  • Insel Lyr Farm Shetlands - Breeder of Shetland sheep offering sheep in many breeds colors. located breeders in Menominee County, Michigan.
  • Sheltering Pines - Lots of good pictures of Shetland Sheep, including shetland sheep a ram with the katamoget pattern. Located in shetland sheep Allegan, Michigan.
  • Windswept Farms - A family farm in Michigan specializing in Shetland breeders Sheep and shetland sheep naturally colored Angora Goats.
  • Crosswinds Shetlands - Breeder of Shetland sheep, offering stock and fiber breeders for sale. shetland sheep Located in Eldridge, Iowa.
  • Milehaus Farm Shetland Sheep - Breeders of Shetland Sheep, alpacas and llamas; also offering fine breeds fibers, fleeces, rovings and wools in natural colors for the breeds spinne/weaver. Located in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Guinea Lane Farm - Breeders of Shetland Sheep, Angora goats, and Livestock Guardian Dogs. shetland sheep Nestled along the South Umpqua river of SW Oregon.
  • Little Country Acres Shetland Sheep - Colorful flock of registered Shetland Sheep, located in shetland sheep Wilmington, IL.
  • Petticoat Hill Shetland Sheep Farm - Providing breeding stock and wethers, as well as shetland sheep information breeders and history of the breed. Located shetland sheep in Tiffin, breeders OH.
  • Silveraurora Shetland Sheep - Breeder offering Shetland Sheep and fleece for sale; shetland sheep spotted sheep a specialty. Breed history and shetland sheep care information. Located in Wasilla, Alaska.
  • Locksley Fields Shetlands - Breeders of Shetland sheep, bunnies, and llamas. Located shetland sheep in shetland sheep southwestern Missouri.
  • Wycoller Shetlands at Raven's Rock Farm. - Small farm in the English Pennines, UK, with information about shetland sheep and the Wycoller shetland flock in particular.
  • Whispering Pines Registered Shetland Sheep - Breeder of Registered Shetland Sheep. Photos, information and breeds stories about Shetlands. Located in Middleport, NY.
  • Stonehaven Farm Shetlands - Handspinners\\' fleeces and roving in all Shetland colors, breeders and Shetland shetland sheep wool blankets. Breeding stock occasionally available. breeders Located in Halfway, shetland sheep OR.
  • Fibre Works Farm - Site for a Canadian farm specializing in Shetland Sheep, Norwegian Buhund stockdogs, and alpacas. Located in central Alberta.

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