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Grazing and grass farming equipment including portable water and fence systems, Kelp, pasture pipe, plasson quick couplers, and jobe valves.

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  • Euroclip Limited - Offers clippers, combs, cutters, blades and scissors.
  • Sheepman Supply Company - Full line of sheep shears and replacement parts, show and equipment and supplies sale equipment, and breeding and lambing supplies. Excellent source for equipment and supplies informative sheep and goat books.
  • Livestock Waterers - Featuring livestock waterers for cattle, sheep, horses, hogs, sheep and automatic water fountains for ostriches.
  • Heiniger, Ltd. - Quality shearing and clipping equipment, animal breeding equipment sheep and fencing livestock systems. Home of the World sheep Sheep Shearing Competition Calendar.
  • Tru-Test Limited - Offering electric fencing, weighing systems, pasture management, and livestock animal identification.
  • Stockowners Shearing - Complete range of commercial shearing equipment and work sheep clothing. New sheep shearing equipment, servicing, repairs and advise.
  • Kentucky Graziers Supply - Grazing and grass farming equipment including portable water livestock and fence livestock systems, Kelp, pasture pipe, plasson quick livestock couplers, and jobe valves.
  • Wool-Overs - Coats for sheep to protect the wool from UV degradation, vegetable matter and dust. They also protect the sheep from inclement weather. The result is a higher yield of cleaner wool.
  • Sydell, Inc. - Sheep and goat equipment catalog, including complete inventory livestock and price equipment and supplies list.
  • Mosdal Feed Carts - 20 years of experience in livestock research and equipment and supplies sheep handling equipment manufacturing. Will custom design and equipment and supplies sheep build feed carts,scale or other product to meet equipment and supplies sheep your requirements.
  • Mid-States Wool Growers Cooperative Association - Large Midwest market for wool producers. Sheep and lambing supplies catalog online. Wool management tips and current trends in the wool market.
  • Ivory's Sheep Equipment. - Since 1975, selling equipment for the showman, shears, sheep and butchering livestock equipment and supplies.
  • Woolover Lamb Survival Blankets - Protect lambs during harsh, rainy, cold weather. Information and order sheep forms.
  • Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd. - Manufacturers of shearing and clipping equipment for sheep, sheep cattle, horses equipment and supplies and other animals.
  • Morton's Complete Sheep Grooming Needs - Line of sheep grooming accessories, coats, and clippers; sheep sharpening service. sheep Located in Lawton, OK.
  • MCD Welding / Livestock Equipment - MCD Welding Livestock Equipment. Sheep pens, gates, feeders, weigh scales, livestock roller mills, panels. Custom design and welding. Located in Nokomis, livestock Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Welsh Shearing - A complete range of sheep shearing equipment available by mail sheep order worldwide. UK.
  • Wool Tables made by LH Dobbins - Round wool skirting tables made to order by Leon Dobbins, sheep Spalding, South Australia.
  • Judy's Western Wares - Supplier offering show supplies for the lamb and sheep goat exhibitor; sheep including lamb covers, fabric and mesh sheep muzzles, halters, tubes, fabric sheep and supplies to make sheep or repair your own covers.
  • Premier One Supplies - Mail order business specializing in a wide variety livestock of sheep sheep equipment and supplies and fencing.
  • TRUAX Company - Offers precision seed placement in seed planting applications.
  • Make A Well-Grounded (Earthed) Fence - Noted New Zealand grazing farmer and consultant, Vaughn sheep Jones, has livestock been building and troubleshooting electric fences sheep since 1954. Here livestock he provides a checklist sheep of advice and tips to solve livestock one of sheep the most common causes of fencing failure: poor livestock sheep grounding or
  • Horner Shearing - Sheep shearing machines and equipment, supplied to all sheep of UK equipment and supplies and overseas. New or reconditioned machines sheep and handpieces; spares, repairs, equipment and supplies and motor rewinds.

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