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Showpig and commercial boar genetics with hampshire, duroc, yorkshire, black terminal, whiteline, and spot boars. Includes champions, calendar, and ordering information.

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  • Fischbacher Show Pigs - Breeders and sellers of show pigs. Provides information on show successes, boars and sows.
  • Steve Cobb and Family - Breeders of Yorkshire show pigs. Details of pig livestock sales, winners, herd boars and semen and information livestock on how Steve got involved in the swine livestock industry. [Arkansas]
  • - Includes breeder listings, sales calendar and events calendar.
  • Southern Advantage Sires - Offers show pig semen. Includes prices, boars, and company information.
  • J & K Genetics - Offers purebred showpigs and pig semen.
  • Miller Show Pigs - Offers show pigs and semen. Includes contact information, show pigs animals available, and champions.
  • Platt Showpigs - This showpig breeder provides information on his sows, livestock boars and winners, with showpigs available all year livestock round. [Indiana]
  • Western Plains Genetics - Provides information on new boars, boars at stud, show pigs last livestock year\\'s winners and sales to be attended show pigs this year. livestock [KS]
  • Brown Family Showpigs - Breeders of Chester, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Spot and Crossbred swine showpigs. Information livestock on winners, sales and featured litters. swine [Virginia]
  • Geter Show Pigs - Provides information on boars, sows and gilts of show pigs several swine breeds, animals for sale and successes. [TX]
  • Real McCoy Genetics - An AI boar stud with multiple breeds and exotic crosses specializing in show pig production and terminal semen. Maintaining a farrowing operation selling show pigs and breeding stock. [Ohio]
  • Genetic Edge - Offers show pigs and breeding stock. Includes sale livestock dates and show pigs animals available.
  • Ledger Swine Farms - Offers terminal and show pig boars and semen. Includes boar show pigs information, sales, and company information.
  • Hoppes - Breeders of Hampshires, Yorkshires, Durocs, Chesters and Crossbreds. livestock Information on swine blue ribbon pig sales. [Ohio]
  • Cain Super Sires - Offers semen, breeding stock and show pigs including Hampshires, Yorkshires, swine Durocs, Exotics and Crossbreds. [Iowa]
  • Isler Genetics - Offers commercial and show pig breeding stock and semen. Includes swine sale catalog and news.
  • Showtime Sires - Offers boar semen from Yorkshire, Hampshire, Duroc, Spot, and Exotic livestock show pig sires. Provides information on herd sires, pigs for livestock sale, events and winners. [Illinois]
  • Penner Hampshires - Breeders of Hampshire Hogs offering boars, gilts, show pigs and swine semen. Located in Plymouth, NE.
  • Prairie State Semen, Inc. - Boar stud and hog semen supplier, offers semen swine from champion show pigs Hampshires, Yorkshires, Durcos, Pietrain, and show swine pigs sires. Located in show pigs Champaign, Illinois, USA.
  • 4K Farms - Show pigs.
  • Hoosier State Semen┬áService - Produces show pigs and breeding stock. Includes sires and champions.
  • Hi Point Genetics, Inc. Boar Stud - Showpig and commercial boar genetics with hampshire, duroc, yorkshire, black terminal, whiteline, and spot boars. Includes champions, calendar, and ordering information.
  • Purple Power Boar Stud - Offers semen from yorkshire, hampshire, durocs, poland china, spot, and livestock exotic show pig boars. Includes company and boar information.
  • Sam Malcolm and Family - Showpig breeder. Provides photographs and details of successes swine in the swine show ring and information on a swine range of Kent show swine feed products. [Garrett, IN]
  • Mappes Durocs - Offers semen and bred sows, with photographs and livestock information on livestock winners. [OK]
  • Yantis Swine Farm - Producers of quality showpigs from winning lines. Photographs livestock and information livestock on sows, boars, pigs for sale livestock and winners.
  • Top Cut Showpig Sires International - Offers hampshire, exotic, duroc, yorkshire, spot, and chester swine white semen. show pigs Features boars and company information.
  • Lean Value Sires - Supplier of showpig semen. Provides information on boars, price list, livestock sales and dates. [Ohio]
  • Triple B Sires - Offers semen from Berkshires, Chesters, Duroc, Hampshires, Landraces, swine Polands, Spots, livestock Yorkshires and Black and White Exotics. swine [OK]
  • Eggleston Farms Show Pigs - Information on show pigs, boars and sows of Cross, Duroc, Hampshire, Poland and Spot breeds and photographs of winners. [Oklahoma]
  • SSG Gold Rush - Show pig and commercial boar semen and breeding show pigs stock. show pigs Includes boars, company information and champions.
  • JT Showpigs - Show successes, winners list, boars and sows and livestock photographs of award-winning stock. [KS]
  • Small Town Genetics - Provides photographs and information on new boars, boar catalog, show results over several years and champion drive sales. [California]
  • Walker Show Pigs - Breeding quality prospect show pigs year round. Breeding stock, showpigs, show pig sires and boar semen. Located in Michigantown, Indiana.
  • Ifft Yorkshires - Family seedstock operation located near Fairbury in east-central livestock Illinois, specializing livestock in Yorkshire breeding stock and show livestock pigs. Includes animals for livestock sale and links.
  • Panero Farms - Provides information on winners, comments of customers, events livestock and boar livestock stud. [California]
  • Leffel Hampshires - Suppliers of breeding stock and bred gilts, with show pigs information swine on winnings and prospects. [Ohio]

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