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Sound stage and insert studio. Set design and construction, in-stock scenery and props, expendables, grip equipment, special effects, backdrops, and supplies.

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  • JV III Shop @ Keystone - Intermediate sized scene shop available staffed or as business a rental. arts and entertainment Stock scenic elements available as well. business Long Island City, NY.
  • Great Southern Studios Miami - Sound stage and insert studio. Set design and facilities construction, in-stock facilities scenery and props, expendables, grip equipment, facilities special effects, backdrops, and facilities supplies.
  • Studio Rental Space at The Jim Henson Company - Office space on the old Charlie Chaplin Studios lot in Los Angeles. Able to accommodate a variety of entertainment personnel ranging from individual writers to entire production companies. In-house telecommunications department for custom designed, cost-e
  • ShowBiz Studios - A 7,000 square foot soundstage 32 foot high, business surrounded by facilities 4,000 square foot of dressing rooms, business offices, wardrobe, make-up, kitchen facilities and restrooms, with plenty business of secured parking, 1600 amps of facilities power, High business speed Internet and satellite TV.
  • Casablanca Studios - Full service video production studio facility complete with cameras, recorders, business control rooms, lighting, grip, dressing rooms and green rooms. Palm business Springs, California.
  • Warner Bros. Studios Facilities - Pre-production, production and post production related rentals and services. Sound facilities stages and exterior sets, construction services, transportation, graphics services, still facilities photo lab, and a research library.

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