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The publishing operation of Viacom Inc. Fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed and multi-media formats.

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Viacom* - Official website containing facts about the company, shareholder information, businesses, announcements, and employment opportunities.

  • Blockbuster - Rentals of videocassettes, DVDs, and video games worldwide.
  • Simon & Schuster, Inc. - The publishing operation of Viacom Inc. Fiction and viacom nonfiction for arts and entertainment consumers of all ages, across all viacom printed and multi-media formats.
  • MTVi Group Interactive - Internet music content company with 22 web site media conglomerates destinations around the world including MTV, VH1 and media conglomerates SonicNet.
  • Famous Players Theatres Inc. - Canadian theater chain which is wholly owned by arts and entertainment arts and entertainment Viacom and has 856 screens in 107 locations.
  • National Amusements, Inc. - Operates 1,390 motion picture screens in the United arts and entertainment media conglomerates States, United Kingdom and Latin America.

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