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  • Blood Candy Productions - Committed to making high quality erotic horror films.
  • Bark Productions Australia - Full service production company, specialising in providing high media production quality media production video and film production services.
  • Bridge Productions - Based out of Canada, makes full length features, b details and trailers of which are available on b the web site.
  • Big Noise Films - A non-profit media collective dedicated to producing beautiful, media production politically media production and culturally challenging films.
  • Bioskope Pictures - Established in 1989 to contribute to a new film South African film film culture.
  • Benzfilm Group - A collective formed out of the shared desire b to bring to fruition the film "Straight Man".
  • Blanc Screen Cinema Productions - A low-budget film pseudo-company specializing in bizarre comedy.
  • Bluebottle Films - An independent film production company and quality screenplay source.
  • Bee's Pictures - Film location, facilities, and production services in Spain film and abroad.

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