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Translation and adaptation company based in Los Angeles. Specializes in lip-synch, adaptation and localization in multiple languages for a variety of media.

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See Also:
  • JBI Localization - JBI is a Californian localization company with more media production than media production 25 years of experience in translations, voice media production over, dubbing media production / lip-synching and Q/A testing.
  • EZTitles Subtitling Software - Subtitling, captioning, teletext, and DVD subtitle rendering software. subtitles and dubbing Includes product details, feature list, and downloadable demonstration subtitles and dubbing versions.
  • InterNation, Inc. - Translation, voice-overs, dubbing, and subtitles.
  • Line 21 Media Services - Specializes in closed captioning, transcription, subtitling, and script post production post-production subtitles and dubbing services.
  • Cinematyp - Creates subtitles for films, video, television and DVD. post production They translate Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Latin.
  • TitleVision Subtitling Systems - Software for subtitling from analog and digital video post production sources. media production Product details, online manual, and information on post production requesting demo.
  • SDI Media Group - Offers subtitling, dubbing and localization services for DVD, home video, post production broadcast, the Internet, and gaming.
  • CP Language Institute - Dubbing, subtitling, translation, audio-visual and image development company. They also offer on-line digital voice database for narration talent.
  • Hollywood Dubbing - Translation and adaptation company based in Los Angeles. post production Specializes in lip-synch, adaptation and localization in multiple post production languages for a variety of media.
  • Chinkel - Foreign language dubbing services worldwide.
  • Verbal Media - Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation, post production voice post production overs and interpreter services. Audio and video post production production.
  • Cort├ęs Audio Post-Production, Argentina - Sound post-production services in Argentina
  • Media Movers - Full service localization company offering services in dubbing and subtitling media production in Indian, Asian and European languages.
  • International Voice Group - Specializes in foreign language dubbing of Hollywood movies, media production computer games, industrial films, documentaries, and media production other multimedia.
  • Elrom - Captioning and Subtitling - New York-based provider of captions, subtitles, and voice-over media production dubs.
  • Dubbing Brothers - Paris-based dubbing studio with regional and international client base.

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