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Special effects for the motion picture industry. Mechanical, weather, pyrotechnics and high explosives, prop and miniature construction, equipment and shop rentals and expendables sales.

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See Also:
  • Voxfilm - Description and samples of the services offered by media production this post production company, credits, and contact information.
  • Max Ink Cafe, LLC - High-end visual effects, digital compositing, and computer animation.
  • Space Virus - Offers services for 2D and 3D special effects, post production editing, direction, photography, and interactive presentations.
  • Kleiser Walczak Construction Co. - Special effects.
  • Special Effects Unlimited, Inc. - Special effects for the motion picture industry. Mechanical, visual effects weather, media production pyrotechnics and high explosives, prop and miniature visual effects construction, equipment media production and shop rentals and expendables sales.
  • All Artistries - Makeup special effects artists.
  • Jauchem & Meeh Inc. - Includes: fog, fire, smoke, wind, rain, lightning, explosions, media production candles, media production butane torches, firearms, custom blank loads, high-power media production strobes, and media production breakaway glass.
  • Method Studios - Produce compelling effects for commercials and music videos. Their software media production division develops plug-ins for Discreet\\'s effects and editing software, as media production well.
  • Animation and Effects - Business offering services in creating animation for all kinds for post production film, TV and interactive screens. Site contains examples of their post production past work.
  • Click 3x - Provides details of the studios that form the wings of this organization, along with Quicktime and Real samples of their effects, animation and compositing work for film and commercials.
  • Sony Pictures Imageworks - Digital character animation and visual effects for feature films.
  • NOVA - Reference site providing articles about people who work in the visual effects motion picture SFX industry and how the special effects are visual effects made.
  • Composite Image Systems - Specializing in computer generated effects and animation, this media production company details online some of their work on media production feature films such as the "Titanic" and the media production remake of "The Parent Trap".
  • Swiss Effects - Traditional animation, video-to-film transfers, 2K printing and film visual effects scanning post production as well as digital special effects.
  • Curv Studios - Provides an environment focused on developing advanced effects and animation for projects ranging from entertainment to business communication.
  • Pacific Title Mirage Studio - Providing a range of optical and digital services.
  • Laser Magic Productions - Special effects for themed environments: 3D holographic projections, media production antigravity post production waterfalls, plasma sculptures, fiber optics, large format media production laser video post production projectors and laser effects, robots. Los media production Angeles area.
  • Radium - High end visual effects studio providing digital composting, cgi, practical post production effects, pre-vis, shoot supervision. Based in San Francisco and post production Los Angeles.
  • Altered Illusions - A company offering digital effects and motion graphics visual effects for post production film, television, student projects, and internet movies.
  • Weta Visual Effects - New Zealand\\'s premier visual effects company currently working on "The Lord of the Rings".
  • Matte World Digital - Provides a full spectrum of services in graphics, post production compositing, effects and realistic environment creation.
  • Hornet Inc. - Located in Los Angeles and New York. Offers post production computer animation, visual effects, motion graphics, and live-action post production film.
  • SmithGroup Communications - Producer of high-resolution computer generated animation for film media production and media production video.
  • Mo42 Special Effects - Special effects services for motion pictures, television, and live shows. Pyrotechnics, props, make-up effects, special devices.
  • Lookfx - Provides complete digital effects including 2D/3D visual effects post production for film, TV and commercials.
  • Independence - Post production, effects and 3D animation for film and television visual effects commercials. The site offers information about their work and equipment visual effects in Korean, Japanese and English.
  • XYZ RGB Imaging Services - Content creation company focused on the laser capture and delivery visual effects of images of 3D objects for archival and visual applications. visual effects Discussion of technology, and example images. Based in Ottawa, visual effects Canada.
  • VFX Pro - Daily news, interviews, and editorials about digital tools and emerging platforms for visual and special effects.
  • Merritt Productions - A full service facility which creates miniatures, props post production and visual effects special effects for film, advertising post production and display.
  • Mr. X Inc. - Defining and creating digital content for feature films, media production with an emphasis on visual effects, through script media production level breakdown and design, on-set visual effects supervision, media production and 3D animation, digital matte painting and compositing.
  • Claridge, Peter - Television and film visual effects in Germany, with over thirty years in the media business.
  • Hybride Technologies - Provides visual effects services for film and video, post production and develops plug-ins for Discreet\'s effects and editing post production products.
  • Thomas Special Effects Ltd. - Mechanical effects service business for the film and television industry post production of Canada. Complete SPFX shop and services, state of the post production art studios and film production.
  • Warped CGI - Dublin based computer animation and web development company media production established visual effects by creative professionals with an aim to media production provide high-end visual effects computer generated effects, digital actors and media production virtual environments to visual effects all areas of the film, media production advertising, and broadcast indu
  • Pixar Animation Studios - The makers of "Toy Story", "A Bugs Life" and the visual effects Renderman photorealistic rendering software.
  • Digital Empire - 3-D modeling and digital animation, 2-D computer visualization, video production, visual effects multimedia creation and presentation, special effects, and web sites.
  • Velocity Visuals - Supervisory and creative effects services for motion pictures, post production television, commercials and music videos.
  • Whitestone Productions - Multimedia house specialising in CGI, animation and special media production visual visual effects effects. View site in English or Norwegian.

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