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Three-time Emmy winner, who has shot documentaries, network specials, corporate films, commercials, shorts and independent feature films. Experienced in 35mm, super 16 and digital cinematography.

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  • Hurn, Philip - Three-time Emmy winner, who has shot documentaries, network camera specials, corporate resumes and portfolios films, commercials, shorts and independent feature camera films. Experienced in 35mm, resumes and portfolios super 16 and digital camera cinematography.
  • Hansen, Warren - Director of Photography for commercials, music videos, TV resumes and portfolios h series and short films.
  • Hatcher, Chuck aka Chuc - Director of photography for films, music videos, commercials, documentaries and h industrials.
  • Hobson, Daf - Director of photography\\'s site includes credits, gear, items h for sale, inventions, and agent and contact information.
  • Humphreys, Wyn - Lighting cameraman and Steadicam operator with personal equipment; based in the UK, willing to work anywhere in the world.
  • Hiatt, Shawn - Edge City Films director of photography/cinematographer with 16 years experience. Specializing in 16mm and 35mm TV commercials.
  • Hagbeck, Manfred Andrej - Cameraman for TV, film, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. Speaks h German, English, Russian, Latvian, and French.
  • Hoffmann, Derek - Freelance cinematographer and videographer with 15 years experience. camera Owns and camera operates all professional equipment including water camera cameras.
  • Hearn, Simon - Freelance cameraman servicing Australia and the Pacific Region. Television, documentary, camera sports, corporate. Digital gear, Avid editing, Betacam/DVC Pro. 19 Years camera experience.

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