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Steadicam, manufactured by Cinema Products, is a weighted camera mount system which allows a human to walk with the camera without jiggling the picture. It is used primarily in the motion picture and professional video industries. To use the Steadicam effectively requires a good deal of practice and skilled operators are in high demand. For the purposes of this category, "Steadicam" is considered to include similar products made by other companies as well.

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  • Hill, Jerry - Steadicam owner/operator. Also, steadicam products including brackets and camera mounts. Based in Sherman Oaks, CA.
  • Smith, Howard J - Professional Steadicam Operator and DOP based in the UK.
  • Landau, Erwin - PRO Steadicam Operator. Located in Los Angeles. Experience: Feature Films, Music Videos, and Commercials.
  • Grove, David Allen - Steadicam owner/operator. Based in Burbank, CA.
  • Bernstein, Michael - Steadicam and camera crane operator. Based in steadicam Orlando, FL.
  • Daniel Sauve Designs - Steadicam Operator and Designer of the revolutionary Euro Harness and resumes and portfolios other accessories. Based in Canada.
  • Edwards, Paul - Steadicam owner/operator. Based in UK.
  • - The cyber community for professional Steadicam operators and resumes and portfolios steadicam the producers who hire them.
  • Balsdon, Phil - Steadicam cinematography for films, commercials , television and music videos steadicam and information about the use of steadicam. Based in steadicam Australia.
  • Wise, R. L. - Steadicam owner/operator, cinematographer. Member SOC. Based in the steadicam Virgin Islands.
  • Crow, Richard - Steadicam owner/operator with experience on features, MOWs, episodic steadicam television, commercials, camera music videos, documentaries, and corporate productions. steadicam Based in San camera Diego. CA.
  • Laybourn, Flemming - Steadicam owner/operator and Keygrip. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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