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Visual effects supervision and consultation services for the motion picture and television industries. The site hosts his resume and a portfolio of his work.

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  • Lawrenson, Robert - Freelance TV and film editor based in Manchester resumes and portfolios media production UK, working primarily with off and online Avid. resumes and portfolios media production View CV and showreel online.
  • Anido, Vince - Feature film editor who owns his own Avid system. post production Site offers details about his work in After Effects, Photoshop, post production Commotion and other software.
  • Dedeaux, Tiffany A. - Video editor with years of broadcast news experience, post production a creative spirit, and a passion to learn.
  • Apple, Steve - Freelance web producer and video editor serving clients post production in South Florida, New Orleans and New York, post production NY.
  • Seberg, John W. - Telecine colorist for the commercial world. Also has media production done post production features, TV shows, music videos, politicals, and media production industrials.
  • Gordon, Adrian - Freelance broadcast Avid video editor based in London.
  • Simonett, William - Commercial film and video editor. Avid, Media 100.
  • Cantwell, Martin - Freelance sound editor based in London, UK. The site describes his work in various formats, some special projects undertaken, and contact details.
  • Stokes, Marcus - Commercials director and visual effects supervisor. Spots, biography, media production awards, post production and contact information.
  • Turboff, Jeff - Avid video editor in New York City. Site post production contains resumes and portfolios resume and various writings.
  • Maxwell, Ian - Provides digital video editing, timelapse photography, and visual effects. Includes resumes and portfolios resume and demo reels.
  • Klein, Michael - Emmy award winning Avid editor with multicam and resumes and portfolios post production Symphony experience. Credits, experience, education and honors.
  • Obee, Brian - Santa Monica based digital artist producing visual effects and CGI for commercials, broadcast and music videos; pictures and a QuickTime demo reel of his work.
  • Maio, Steve - Avid editor with 2.5 years of corporate work seeking more creative endeavors such as feature films, shorts and broadcast.
  • Maslic, Zoran - Toronto based Avid and FCP editor into twisted, post production humanistic and artistic projects. Resume, credits, commentary on post production technology and storytelling, and links to Avid tips.
  • Klöhn, Miguel Vanoni - Film and television editor based in Argentina. Resume, resumes and portfolios media production personal data, and references. [English, Spanish, and German]
  • Hawtin, Mark - Documentary picture editor based in London.
  • Smith, Pete - Experienced Inferno and Flame artist based in London, England.
  • Nelson, Yale - Emmy Award winning editor with over 25 years post production of professional experience. Clients have included major television post production networks, advertising agencies, public relation firms and independent post production production companies.
  • Bothwell, Brian - New York City editor working on commercials, music videos, fashion post production and experimental films.
  • Lebed, Stephen - Visual effects supervision and consultation services for the media production motion picture and television industries. The site hosts media production his resume and a portfolio of his work.
  • Fashina, Heath - Film and video editor based in Toronto.
  • Murrin, Christopher - Editor experienced in films, television, news, sports and promos, using post production Avid Media Composer and Edit by Discreet Logic. Edits, clips, post production and links.
  • Tucci, Mark - Experienced video editor, graphic designer, copywriter and voice-over artist.
  • Ludvig Lohse - Free-lance film editor with DV editing facilities. Also resumes and portfolios sound recorder and multimedia productions. Includes CV and resumes and portfolios contact information. [Shockwave.]
  • Anderson, Greg - Avid offline and online editor. Compositing, graphics, and post production sound design. Site requires QuickTime 4.0 or better.
  • Shay, Eran - Freelance offline nonlinear editor with experience in ID media production spots, opening titles, TV series, trailers, documentary and media production feature length films.
  • Curd, Mike - UK based freelance online and offline editor. CV media production available media production in HTML and MS Word formats.

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