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Individual models, whose last/stage name starts with 'R'.

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  • Reinke, Javiera - Located in Chile. Biography, portfolio, and contact information.
  • Ray, Kimmy - From Georgia. Bioghraphy, vital statistics, photo galleries, and models contact information.
  • Russell, Regina - Club maintained by the model. Has pictures, news, models message board and links.
  • Regina, Lena - Picture galleries, biography, experience, email contact and statistics.
  • Regassa, Sara - From Washington D.C. area. Vital statistics, image gallery and contact information.
  • Roy, Carolyn - Located in Virginia. Biography, resume, image gallery and r contact email.
  • Ricci, Caco - Fan site dedicated to the Brazilian male model featuring biography, models image gallery, and video.
  • Rey, Lorabel - Korean model fan site. Includes vital statistics, some photos and a exclusive interview.
  • Roberts, Ian - From Bristol, England. Online portfolio, video clips, biography, individual and contact information.
  • Rhoads, Kasy - Portfolio of photos, biography, booking information and resume.
  • Robinson, Nichole - News, biography, and photographs, as well as fashion and beauty tips.
  • Robertson, Marc - From the UK. Vital statistics, image gallery and contact information.
  • Ronges, Daria - Located in San Francisco. Resume, portfolio images and r contact information.
  • Rigdon, Tina - Fitness model with biography and image gallery.
  • Roderick, Nicole - Biography, portfolio images, vital statistics, news and contact models email.
  • Renae, Michelle - From Louisville, KY. Image galleries, biography, vital statistics r and contact r information.
  • Ricci, Donna - Gothic Model. Portfolio, diary, newsletter, resume, and contact individual information
  • Roufa, Michelle - Biography, print, radio, and television work.
  • Romano, Roby - Image gallery, vital statistics, and contact information.
  • Regina, Carla - Portfolio images, resume, biography and contact information.
  • Reynolds, Amanda - Biography, vital statistics, image galleries, previous experience, and email contact.
  • Russell - Vital statistics, image gallery and contact information.

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