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See Also:
  • Face Music - Swiss record publisher that represents artists of World music and Roots regional and ethnic music. Includes artists information and schedule.
  • POPI Music, Inc. - Artist management and production, for Latin American Music. regional and ethnic agents and managers Offices in Miami, Florida.
  • Earth Beat Entertainment - Specializes in Non-Western music. Offers international management services. Website in English and Dutch. Offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Red Chair - Specializing in the booking of Flamenco acts all regional and ethnic over Australia. News, links, shop, and contact information.
  • The Caribbean and Cultural Connection - Agency that specializes in a variety of cultures and music regional and ethnic styles from the World. Samples and contact information. Based in regional and ethnic San Francisco, USA.
  • Eye For Talent - Specializing in World, Jazz, and Folk music agency representation and management. Focus on Brazilian, French, African, Cape Verdean, Celtic and unsigned artists. Offices in San Francisco, California,USA and Montreal,Quebec, Canada.
  • Latin Music Booking - Online booking agency representing tropical artists.
  • Spanish Touch - Specializing in Latin, Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Classical and music World music. regional and ethnic Offers soloist, duets, trios and quartets.
  • Latin Arts Group - Manages a listing of Latin American artists for bookings and regional and ethnic tours.
  • Laghan Entertainment - Focused on wedding entertainment. Provides string quartets, cocktail pianists, brass quintets, harpists, sitar and tabla and shehnai for the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.
  • Tropikal Productions - Specializes in Caribbean, Polynesian, Latin, and African music, music dance and regional and ethnic drumming. Features cultural artists from around music the world. Offices regional and ethnic in Dallas,Texas, USA.

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