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Independent record label featuring Ambient, Deep chill, Dance and Trance recordings. Includes previews of selected artists, album covers, and photos.

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  • Evil Kitty Records - Nu skool breaks, House, and Electro label. Dj specialty agency, and dance producer resource. Download dj mixes, refills specialty and samples.
  • Acute Recordings - New York City house, trance, and breaks label. Artists include Nacca, Habersham and Smight. Artist profiles, discography, press, merchandise and links.
  • Track One Recordings - Track One Recordings is an import-only dance label releasing the best European club hits to the North American digital services.
  • Hi House Records - Italian dance label. Artists include Insecto, Mental Miracle, specialty and Skamm. MP3s, links, and contact information.
  • Higher State Worldwide - Includes UK dance labels Higher State, 99 North, dance and 99 labels Degrees. Artists include Bounce, Murk, dance Nature, Crystal, Spacebase, and labels Dillon. Catalog, audio dance clips, links, and online ordering.
  • Blow Up - London dance label. Artists include Big Boss Man, The dance Weekenders, and Lucky 15. News, catalog, artist pages.
  • Abstraction Records - Electronic dance music label founded in Ukraine, specializing specialty in trance, progressive and deep house music. specialty Website includes discography, label information and forum.
  • Bounce Music - London based independent dance label. Artists include Lonnie Gordon and Diddy. Catalog, audio samples, discography, online ordering.
  • Xynthetic Music and Netlabel - Canadian electronic digital and netlabel focussing on techno, IDM, and drum and bass. Site features artist profiles and live DJ mixes.
  • Progressive Grooves Label Group - A coalition of record labels producing progressive house, labels trance and breaks. Website includes discography, artist profiles labels and news.
  • Dark Duck Records - Independent record label featuring Ambient, Deep chill, Dance and Trance specialty recordings. Includes previews of selected artists, album covers, and photos.
  • Mettle Music, record label. - UK label launched in 2004 promoting deep house, jazz, Latin specialty and disco grooves. Label information and discography.
  • Anima Recordings / Naima Recordings - Free electronic music label releasing MP3 and Flac. specialty Site dance contains audio files and contact details.
  • AAAA1 Records - Dance/electronica label. Artists include Igmar Koch, Jörg specialty Burger, and Can Oral. Discography, artist details, and specialty compilation tracks.
  • Funk Lab Records - Florida techno, electronica, electro, breakbeat, hard house, and trance label. specialty Artists include B. Nice, DJ Apple, and C4. specialty News, gallery, online store, discography, artist bios.
  • FuzzyWarblez Wreckordz Homepage - Pennsylvania indie dance label and production company. specialty Label information, dance services, and contact information.
  • Catwalk Records - Dance music label. Artists include Gorgeous Girl and Robert Phoenix. Audio clips, reviews, interviews, and links.
  • Dance World Attack Records - Italian dance label. Home of Alexia, Corona, specialty Double You, specialty Ice MC, Sandy, and Savage. specialty Discography, news, lyrics, audio specialty downloads.
  • - is a non-profit net label dedicated to promoting dance music talent founded by producer Barry Walker. Website features artist profiles, label information and music downloads.
  • Hall-Records - An online label releasing Hard Dance. Accepts submissions. Located in Holland.
  • Pioneer Records - UK label covering a variety of dance genres. Information about dance releases with audio previews.
  • Uncivilized World - French record company, home to labels such as labels Epiteth, UW, labels and Gazole. News, artwork, and labels event listings.
  • 404 Studio - UK based hard dance label collective, home of Kaktai, Spinball, Spidertrax and Projects. Artist and label profiles.
  • BSUR Records - Dutch independent dance label and home of Sarah. labels Label labels history and contact information.
  • Nsomnia Records - Specializes in Soca music, but is open to dance all genres. specialty Accepts demo submission.
  • Nulab Records - House and Techno label featuring the French producer dance Steve D.
  • Seductive Records - Martin Accorsi\'s label aimed solely at the underground music scene.
  • Titbit Music - Underground dance music from an Italian collective, made specialty up of erikOtanabE, Quiroga & Giancarlo Lanza aka specialty D.A.T.A. Site features music downloads and information.
  • Lacedmilk Technologies - Collective netlabel releasing various artists from around the labels globe. Styles labels include: IDM, Downtempo, Industrial, and Drum labels and Bass.
  • Mode2 Recordings - Mode2 Recordings promotes electronica, electro, house and alternative labels music, and labels is home to Eastman, Pj Nfx, labels Lukas Greenberg, Ludwig S, labels K:haus Krew and electrikPeople.
  • Toucan Music - Toucan Music is a UK online label specialising specialty in electronic labels dance music, particularly house, trance, breakbeat, specialty chillout and hardcore.
  • Full Frontal Recordings - Brighton,UK hard house and trance label. Events, reviews, specialty photo gallery, specialty archives and links.
  • Cosmonote - Italian dance/pop label. Artists include Dexter, Galileo, and Joba. MP3s, artist pages, links.
  • :: Amathus Music :: - New York, USA based independent record label formed dance in 2002 specialty whose primary emphasis is on electronic dance music, ranging from underground specialty house to trance to dance commercial dance music.
  • iDance Records - New York City dance, trance, and electronica, label. dance Online ordering, labels studio, theater, and school. [Requires Flash].
  • Platipus Records - Independent Trance label that releases Robert Miles and dance others.
  • Xvoto Recording - Canadian dance label. Home of Jean-Yves Thériault and Craig labels Riddock. Catalog, links, and ordering information.
  • CGA Records - Independent UK dance record label for breakbeat, electro, specialty house, funky, specialty trance, progressive and drum \\'n\\' bass. specialty Website includes audio specialty clips and MP3 shop.
  • Positiva Records - UK-based dance label. Artists include Fragma, Alice Deejay, and Vengaboys. labels News, catalog, audio clips, and links.
  • Shut Up and Dance Records - House and dance label. Artists include The Ragga labels Twins and labels Peter Bouncer. History of the label, labels merchandise, and discography.
  • exabeat records - German label promoting house, techno, jazz and chillout. Artists include dance Terry Watson, Red Richards and NeeWoo. Site contains label profile, dance artist information, news and audio.
  • Wanted Music - Wanted Music is a Belgian electronic label, largely focused on dance vinyl, and covering electro, minimal, house and tech. Website dance includes discography and artist profiles.
  • Asphodel Records - Dance music label. Artists include Rob Swift, X-ecutioners, Mix Master Mike, and DJ Spooky. Catalog, audio and video samples, and links.
  • Composure Records - Digital dance label founded in 2001 by Paul Davies. Discography and audio previews.
  • Citinite - Dance label specialising in electro, funk and new wave. Site dance includes release details, audio and artist biographies.
  • Astralwerks - Dance and electronica label. Home of Fatboy labels Slim, Basement Jaxx, Chemical Brothers, and Joi. labels Artist pages, audio samples, mailing list, online ordering.
  • Live Music Studio - Italian dance compilation label. Catalog, links, and specialty online store.
  • XL Recordings - Independent dance label. Artists include The Prodigy, Stroke, Badly Drawn Boy, The Avalanches, Breakbeat Era, Basement Jaxx, and Jonny L. News, tour dates, artist pages, links, and online store.
  • No Commercial Value - Montreal based record label and source for atypical labels dance music. The site offers original music, DJ labels mixes, articles, and links.
  • Almighty Records - British dance label. Artists include Rochelle, Hannah Jones, and dance Disco Daze. News, catalog, forum, and online store.
  • Starmusique - Dance floor and house music label.
  • Duo Prod - French dance music label featuring the artists Pakito dance and Karlux. Website includes audio previews, profiles, dance bookings, and news.

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