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  • Anticlock Records - A small independent record label dedicated to experimental, classical, and a folk forms of music. Also specializes in handcrafted releases.
  • All.Quiet - Art label and operating system to realize electronic specialty art, sound, a noise, media and radio projects.
  • Audio Dregs - Experimental and melodic electronic label featuring artists such as Exvax, a The Sensualists, and Carpet Musics.
  • Amphibious Records Archives - The digital archives of the independent Amsterdam-based record a label, active experimental in the early eighties. With information a and MP3s .
  • Accretions - California independent label. Artists include Donkey, Go Van specialty Gogh, and a Scot Fields. Artist biographies, news, specialty events, and catalog.
  • Animal Disguise Recordings - Detroit, USA area Experimental/ Noise label featuring artists such as specialty Mammal, Viki, Meerk Puffy, Charles Lareau, Zombi, Neck/k, and Paraffin specialty Hand.

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