Ambient Experimental Specialty Labels

Home for the trio of "Drones" albums, featuring works by previously unknown ambient artists, as well as single-releases by Ruyichi Sakamoto.

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See Also:
  • FAX Records - Pete Namlook's very prolific ambient record label.
  • Space For Music Records - An internet based record label bringing world-class ambient/space musicians together experimental from around the world.
  • As Is Recordings - International Music Production and Record Label based in ambient San Francisco. experimental Services include: On site Live Recordings ambient for events and experimental band shows, Web Audio ambient Sound Design for enhancing Websites, Field experimental Recordings for ambient research and ambience, Audio SFX and Sound de
  • - Net label for Experimental and Electronic music. Features free MP3s, news, links, and licensing information.
  • Cyclic Law Records. - Record label specializing in Dark Ambient music.
  • Tom - German record label for Ambient Experimental Electronic music.
  • Asphodel Records - Home for the trio of "Drones" albums, featuring experimental works by specialty previously unknown ambient artists, as well experimental as single-releases by Ruyichi specialty Sakamoto.
  • Amplexus - Publisher of Ambient music, based in Italy.
  • Lotuspike records - Features artists such as Darshan Ambient, Terra and label founder ambient Ben Cox.
  • Sunshine Music - Releases original dark Downtempo from Munkie, DJ Tish, ambient Mamma Bass,and Kate Peters. Based in the United ambient Kingdom.
  • Silent Records Archive - Archive site devoted to ambient record label: Silent experimental Records.
  • Horizon Music Network - Ambient electronic label. Artists include Air Sculpture, specialty Lightwave, and Steve Jolliffe. Catalog, MP3s, online specialty ordering, and links.
  • Seventh Wave Music - Ambient UK label featuring Nigel Shaw and Carolyn specialty Hillyer. Includes ambient catalog of CD issues.
  • The Big Chill - British Ambient music events and a new label.
  • Luumu Recordings - The Luumu Recordings label is founded on influences ambient equally drawn from 20th century artistic movements as ambient from modern experimental electronic music.
  • Tomtone Music - A label based in Germany, featuring a variety specialty of dark experimental and ambient albums.
  • - quiet, peaceful, relaxing music - Providing music from blint, ken mistove, peter schaefer, ambient dave stafford, experimental tiktok and others.
  • Bleet Records - Independent label specializing in ambient and electronic music. ambient Home of experimental 'Convolution' and 'Your Name Here'.
  • A3 Music - Ambient Atmospheric Alteration - Live ambient promoter and label from the South experimental coast of experimental the UK
  • Multimood - Swedish ambient label with a large roster of specialty artists including Jeff Greinke and Rodelius.
  • 12k - Experimental Ambient, Techno and Minimal label.
  • Elektrolux - An electronic label specializing in ambient/chill out artists ambient and projects.
  • Touch Records UK - The home of Biosphere, Fennesz, Ryoji Ikeda, and experimental Hazard.
  • Emit - Archive of the cult Ambient music label. Includes specialty artist discographies and full-length MP3 tracks.
  • Noh Poetry Records - Don Falcone\\'s website, containing his music as well as the ambient works of Spaceship Eyes and Ice Jupiter Groove. Site ambient mainly for the purchasing of these Australian releases.
  • tonAtom - German netlabel featuring a range of experimental ambient and electronica experimental releases. Free downloads.
  • Cafe del Mar Music - The label from the relaxing terrace in Ibiza experimental (San Antonio) ambient specializing in Ambient music.
  • Quiet Records - CDR label specialising in ambient and experimental music.
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records - Label dedicated to releasing uncommon music with packaging. Including ambient releases by Edward Ka-spel, Legendary Pink Dots, Stimulus, Circus of ambient the Scars, Droxy March, The Abrasion Ensemble, and Rick Reed.
  • Spiralight Recordings - Label based in USA. Artists include Zero One experimental and Richard Bone.
  • Projekt Web - Home page of Projekt -- including CDs by Steve Roach experimental and Vidna Obmana
  • Mindless Eye/Ecclesiastical Scaffolding - Information about the dark ambient and experimental music ambient project Ecclesiastical Scaffolding.
  • Atomic City - Home of the ambient "hypergroups," which are collaborative ambient Internet ambient music "bands."

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