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An organization that includes a record label, print publisher, radio show, shop, mail-order and distribution for ambient dance, dark experimental, plunderphonic, sound poetry and electronic avant-garde music.

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  • Shitkatapult - A company based in Germany and Canada, focused on minimalist specialty styles. Artists, dates, releases, profile, and contact.
  • Sinusoidal Records - An independent label based in Vancouver, Canada. With project sound samples, profiles, and links.
  • Sniffle Records - Bringing the music, artists, and recordings from this label and Pamplemousse Studios to a wider audience. Artists include Jean-Michel Dupont, Sir Walter Raleigh\\'s Folly, And the Bride wore Black, Chris Ancille, and DJ Slipnott and MC Ghetto.
  • Supple Records - New York based label specializes in ambient, experimental and space rock releases.
  • Silvergirl Records - Releases Holiday Flyer, Gapeseed, and Track Star. Specializes experimental in Indie-Rock experimental and Experimental music. Includes artist profiles experimental and reviews.
  • Sachimay Records - An experimental/improvised label promoting artists such as Matt s Weston, Tatsuya experimental Nakatani, and Khristian Weeks.
  • Sloppy Abortion Records - A noise and experimental label based in Jacksonville, experimental Florida. Artists include Whimsical Fetus, The Smocks, Fuzzy experimental Bunnies, and Mafia Dumptruck.
  • Soleilmoon Recordings - Excellent site for dozens of ambient, experimental, and experimental noise artists. s Also an excellent store, for experimental 30 underground labels.
  • SmallVoices - Italian label dedicated to underground experimental music has released recordings s of renowned Italian artists, largely on vinyl format.
  • Shinkoyo - Oberlin, Ohio label releases unusual avant electronic music experimental from artists such as Skeletons, Peter B., and experimental Severiano Martinez.
  • Spectre Records - Industrial, dark, doom, noise, and experimental record label. Small, but specialty nice list of artists.
  • Swinging Axe - Label run by artist Randy Greif releases electronic, specialty concrete and s computer music.
  • Somnimage - Experimental music label based in Illinois releases titles s covering a diverse range of styles.
  • Shame File - Small artist-run label focuses on the most underground experimental experimental music specialty activity to be found in Australia.
  • Selektion - An ars organization and record label that is s home to experimental RLW, Achim Wollscheid, Charly Steiger and s others.
  • Staalplaat - An organization that includes a record label, print specialty publisher, radio specialty show, shop, mail-order and distribution for specialty ambient dance, dark experimental, specialty plunderphonic, sound poetry and specialty electronic avant-garde music.
  • Summersteps Records - With releases by artists such as Psychatrone Rhonedakk, Youth Aflame (The Choppers), Amasa, and Giraffe Hair. Also currently featuring "A Tribute to Jandek", with songs by Low, Amy Denio, Thurston Moore\'s Dapper, Gary Young, Monster Island, Rets
  • Segerhuva - Swedish label focuses on the most extreme end specialty of the specialty Scandinavian power electronics scene.
  • Sub Rosa - One of the first ambient and industrial music labels. s They have re-released some of the defunct Rough Trade catalog. s Located in Belgium.
  • Sounds Are Active - Focuses on contemporary experimental hip-hop, free jazz and experimental electronica. Artists s include Bizzart, Create(!), and Xn.
  • Sijis Records - London based label specializes in music with limited experimental appeal and experimental offers all their releases at low experimental prices.
  • Slum Communications and Darth Fuck Records - Non-profit labels conspiring to revise and expand the experimental underground electronic specialty music movement.
  • Shimamoto Sound - A label that houses its own specially designed s recording studio. s Specializes in experimenting with traditional music s styles to create innovative s new sounds. Based in s Massachusetts, USA.
  • Skam Records UK - Home to Gescom, Boards of Canada, and Bola. With RealAudio clips and downloads.
  • Sargasso - UK based label and shop site for the experimental Sargasso label specialty artists.
  • Squealer Music - Record label with an international roster of refuseniks s and experimentalists experimental including High Rise, Spatula, William Hooker, s Tono-Bungay, the Last Days experimental of May, Charles Curtis, s the Gold Sparkle Band, the Tower experimental Recordings and s others. Focused on improv, out-ro

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