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Swedish independent label featuring hardcore/punk bands such as Brazen Riot and Seltzer. Includes planned gigs dates and a forum.

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  • Deep Six Records - Bands such as Infest, Man is the Bastard, Manchurian Candidates, d Hawg Jaw, Lack of Interest, and Ruido. Hardcore music.
  • Dead By Dawn Records - The home of ADH, NGL and The Ministry d of Truth Quartet.
  • DSS Records - An independent label for Oi, streetpunk, streetrock, ska d and skinhead rock 'n' roll.
  • Dough Main Records - Punk and alternative record label. Includes bands specialty like Stinkaholic, d Turnedown and X-Cell Factor.
  • Dying Wish Records - Brooklyn, NY-based record label with releases from bands like Bayside and Lost North Star.
  • Detroit Underground, Inc. - Detroit, USA Punk label. Artists include Cheetah Chrome, punk The Real Kids, and Unnatural Axe. Discography, press, punk and order information.
  • Dischord Records - Fugazi, Nation Of Ulysses, Minor Threat, Soulside, Scream and many more crucial Washington DC bands have releases with this DIY label.
  • Division Records - Releases range from HxC to Metal. Also promote d hardcore in punk Switzerland.
  • Dogbreath Records - Swedish independent label featuring hardcore/punk bands such as specialty Brazen Riot d and Seltzer. Includes planned gigs dates specialty and a forum.
  • Dino Records - Massachusetts surf/punk/garage label featuring the Foreign Objects, Preston Wayne Four, punk Kenne Highland Klan, and Time Beings.
  • DeSoto Records - DeSoto Records is the indie record label run d by the former members of Jawbox. We feature d records by Juno, Burning Airlines, the Dismemberment Plan, d Shiner and others. Site also has an online d catalog.
  • Deranged Records - Canadian label home to Haymaker, Our War, DS-13, specialty Tear It Up and Dumbstruck. Site features pictures, specialty ordering information and mp3s.
  • Damaged Goods - Long-standing UK punk label. Classic early punk re-issues and regular new emo/hardcore/punk bands from around the world.

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