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The Bleeding Hemeroids (sic), Vein, Creeptones is what you will find here. Also features the good and bad review pages.

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  • Recess Records - FYP, Quincy Punx, Dwarves, Berzerk, Propagandhi, Pud, Beatnik specialty Termites, Toys r That Kill and more bands inhabit specialty this label.
  • Racket Records - English label featuring The Superfly T.N.T.\\'s and record and poster specialty artwork.
  • Rube Records - DIY Record Label featuring punk bands with an r exaggerated, often r pointed, disregard for propriety. Site features r label news, MP3s and r band pages.
  • Revelation Records - Long standing California punk label with impressive roster. News, discography, online ordering, tour information and reviews.
  • Redder Records - Indie Rock, Post-Hardcore, Punk and rock label from r Rochester, New York, USA. Rockets and Bluelights, Kind r of like Spitting, and Kalpana. News, shop, and r MP3s.
  • Rise Records - Post hardcore/emo label based in Oregon. Bands include: One Last specialty Thing, Divit, Crosstide, Everyday Victory, Watch it Burn, and Lonely specialty Kings.
  • Rat Town Records - Hardcore label and distributor. Featuring photos, merchandise and r compilation releases.
  • Ruined Records - Private record label featuring Neil Gunter, Fountain of punk the Sun, punk and Pissed Off Karaoke Machine, punk punk progressive rock.
  • Rave Records - A complete discography of the entire catalog of punk the defunct punk record label from Philadelphia, PA.
  • Roast Records - A Canadian Punk Rock indie label. Home to specialty bands such as No Hands, Champion Alberta and specialty the Last deal. Endorses a broad spectrum of specialty Punk-influenced music.
  • Raw Power Records - Home to The Vibrators, Urban Dogs, Rachel Stamp and Waterdog. Site has MP3s, show listings for the bands they support and upcoming releases.
  • Rectal Records - The Bleeding Hemeroids (sic), Vein, Creeptones is what you will r find here. Also features the good and bad review pages.
  • Re-Do Records - Includes the Dallas pop-punk band, Cleaners.
  • Robotic Empire - Hardcore/metal/grindcore record label.

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