Garage Rock Specialty Labels

This category relates to labels releasing any form of Garage Rock or Garage Punk music. It's intended to help the promotion of websites that are about stripped-down, wild Rock'n'roll (raw, primitive, and untamed). Roots should be easily traced back to late '50s (Rockabilly & R&B), as well as '60s (frat Rock, Surf, Hot Rod, Freakbeat, Garage, Punk, Mod, and Psychedelic Rock'n'roll) and/or the '70s (Proto-Punk, powerpop and Hard-edged New Wave [pre-Hardcore Punk]).

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See Also:
  • Gearhead Records - Specializes in "High-octane" Rock and Roll.
  • Dead Canary Records - Record label specializing Dirt and Trash Rock.
  • Jonson Family Records - London-based independent record label featuring alternative acts from the United specialty Kingdom and abroad.
  • Subliminal Sounds - Record label and rare vinyl and CDs from Sweden and specialty the rest of the world, featuring Psych and Exotica.
  • Goner Records - Located in Memphis, Tennessee. Mailorder, message board, tips, calendar of garage events, and Wipeout Magazine.
  • Hillsdale Record Company - Surf, Hot Rod, and Garage Rock artists on LPs and garage CDs. Discography, history, design portfolio, ordering information, and links.
  • GraveWax Records - GraveWax Records releases Rockabilly, Surf, Spaghetti Western, and every other garage form of archaic music around, including the Creepniks, the Route garage 66 Killers, and the Gore Knobs.
  • ConfidentialRecords - United Kingdom-based label specialising in helping new bands specialty and acts with their first releases.
  • Corduroy Records and Detective Agency - Vinyl pressing, Garage and Punk releases, reissues, fanzine, garage tour news, rock MP3s, and links.
  • Nicotine Records - Independent label specialized in Punk, Rock and Roll, Garage, and garage Psychobilly.
  • MuSick Recordings - Features Surf, Garage and Instro Rock and Roll.
  • Dionysus Records - A label active since 1984, specializes in Garage, Surf, Punk, garage Rockabilly, Lounge, Exotica, and Insanity. Music released is divided on garage three different labels.
  • In the Red Records - News, band pages, tour information, merchandise, links, and rock contact information.
  • Lonestar Records - German Garage Rock and Roll label. Features several specialty best-know artists of the gendre.
  • Bootleg Booze Records - Swedish label. Artists include The Deadbeats, Electric Frankenstein and specialty Crossfire. News, catalog and ordering information.
  • Little Teddy Recordings - International Pop Underground label between lo-fi Pop, Twee specialty Pop, Punk and Garagepunk.
  • freakophonic records - Danish underground record label specializing in Psych, Garage, garage Stoner, Psychedelic, specialty and Hard Rock from the whole garage world.
  • Norton Records - A label specialized in Wild Rock. Home to the frantic garage sounds of Hasil Adkins, Link Wray, the Pretty Things, the garage Flamin\\' Groovies, the Alarm Clocks, the Sonics, the Wailers, and garage others.
  • Rhythm Ace Recordings - Indie-label based in Stockholm, Sweden concentrating on variations of raw rock Lo-Fi and the like. Burek V, Hellon, Korea Campfire and rock Eve and the Last Waltz.
  • Tear It Up Records - Sixties Garage, Rock and Roll and Punk record label and rock mailorder from The Netherlands. Featuring: The Evil Thingies, Peter Pan rock Speedrock, The Ewings, Tijuana Bibles, Billychild, Magnetic IV, The Nederbietels, rock Fury 161. Available on vinyl and cd...
  • Grenadine Records - Independent label out of Montreal, Canada specializing in Garage and Art rock. Show dates, how to order, contact information, monthly newsletter, and links. [French and English]
  • Demonbeach Records - Home of the Bad Checks, tunes from the specialty Spinns, the specialty Loners, and Dexter Romweber. Also links, specialty reviews, and photographs.
  • Aneurysm Records - Small label with offices in Virginia and Pennsylvania, USA. Consists of a range of Garage bands inspired by Punk, Metal, Hard Rock, Ska and other genres of music.
  • American Laundromat Records - Devoted to independent Power-Pop, Garage Folk-Punk, and edgy singers and garage songwriters.
  • Demolition Derby - Record label and store in Mechelen, Belgium. Offers rock a daily updated on-line catalog. Bands : rock The jewws, The chronics, The hot rod honeys, rock The apemen, The vice barons, The grey spikes rock (pre-bellrays), and others.
  • Estrus Records - Surf, garage, trash from Bellingham, Washington, USA. Features garage The Drags, specialty Impala, Man...or Astroman?, the Makers, Mono garage Men, and Satan's Pilgrims.

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