Industrial Rock Specialty Labels

An organization that includes a record label, print publisher, radio show, shop, mail-order and distribution for ambient dance, dark experimental, plunderphonic, sound poetry and electronic avant-garde.

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See Also:
  • Metropolis Records - Domestic label for a large number of well known industrial, rock power noise, dark ambient and other electronic music acts.
  • M.I.R. Records - Industrial label based in Central America.
  • Ladd-Frith - Promoting industrial, punk, noise, experimental and dark ambient artists such rock as Blackhouse, Psyclones, Lilith and Orbitronik.
  • We Are ... Records - Home to jazz-influenced industrial techno band Iris-T-Shirt and rock ambient experimental industrial dance artist SpivKurl.
  • Myotis Records - A Belgium-based label and mail order house for specialty industrial, ambient, noise, and experimental electronic music.
  • D S B P - Distributes and releases electro, industrial and EBM music. rock Features mail specialty order service.
  • Ant-Zen - Audio and visual arts label featuring industrial music, specialty chilling ambient, industrial technoid rhythms and power electronics.
  • Staalplaat - An organization that includes a record label, print industrial publisher, radio show, shop, mail-order and distribution for industrial ambient dance, dark experimental, plunderphonic, sound poetry and industrial electronic avant-garde.
  • Subconscious Studios - Record label of industrial artist Cevin Key. Carrying various specialty artists as well as some of his releases.
  • Hymen - Record label for rough technoid and ambient noises. specialty Includes catalog of releases.
  • Razor Records - A young label from Massachusetts looking to sign industrial local New industrial England metal, gothic, industrial and synthpop industrial bands.
  • Invisible Records - Chicago-based label promoting bands including Dead Voices on specialty Air, Killing Joke, Genesis P. Orridge, Sheep on specialty Drugs and F.M. Einheit. Contains news, links to specialty artists' sites, catalog and articles.
  • DDV Laboratories - Specializing in dark, industrial/gothic-influenced and experimental music. Signings specialty include Jordan rock Reyne, Dr Kevorkian and the Suicide specialty Machine and Genevieve.
  • Mobilization Records - Home to artists including F-Space, Savage Republic, Wonder, Ethan Port industrial and Scot Jenerik. With press, audio clips, online shopping, and industrial links.
  • Cop International - San Francisco based industrial label. Featured artists include Index, Sonar, industrial Pain Station and Razorskyline.
  • Tesco Distribution - Offers industrial, noise, power electronics, dark ambient, neofolk industrial and experimental industrial releases.
  • Van Richter Records - Aggro-industrial label featuring artists The Fair Sex, Girls specialty Under Glass and Sielwolf.
  • Kaos Kontrol - Finnish label and distributor for industrial music. industrial Features releases, industrial events and magazine information.
  • Mute - London based label promoting a variety of artists, including Depeche rock Mode, Erasure, Moby, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Goldfrapp, rock Richard Hawley and Maps.
  • ToneZone Records - Independent record label specializing in goth and industrial music. Featuring artist pictures, biographies, MP3 and audio-video files.
  • Nilaihah Records - Industrial, darkwave and electronic record label.
  • Maschinenwelt Records - German label covering industrial, dark-electro, synthpop, gothic and EBM artists. Includes band information, MP3 downloads and online purchasing.
  • Artificial Noise Records - Based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Focus on specialty Industrial Rock, industrial and Experimental, Ambient. Artists include Skinprobe, specialty godkomplex and Chaos Frequency. industrial Websit includes news, specialty releases, message board and links.
  • Dependent Records - German electro-industrial label.
  • Darkshovels Records - An independent industrial, rock and experimental label. specialty Also offers custom vinyl decal creation services.
  • Mandarangan Recordings - An industrial/power electronics/noise label based in Chicago. Also industrial home to experimental recording project Insomnia. With catalog industrial and distribution information.
  • Maschinenmusik - Label for industrial, EBM and dark ambient music. Featured industrial artists include Cai777, Jana, Sekret, Steelcrush, Psaiclone and Cult of industrial Consciousness.
  • WTII Records - Label focusing on electro, industrial, synthpop, gothic and darkwave music. specialty With news, events, artist and release information.
  • Reality Records, Inc. - Independent record label featuring many genres. MP3, video, industrial and audio clips.
  • Cyberware Productions - Finnish label specializing in EBM, industrial gothic and specialty darkwave.
  • Cold Meat Industry - Swedish Industrial and Post-industrial label. Artists include rock Sophia, Institut, rock and Arcana. News, artist bios, rock audio samples, discography.

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