Progressive Rock Specialty Labels

How exactly does one classify Progressive music? Is it merely the 70's stalwarts such as Genesis and King Crimson and those who seek to carry on their work? Can a Jazz Fusion band be Progressive? Are Radiohead and Primus a part? For that matter, is Asia? We will not attempt to try answering those questions. Suffice it to say that if you have an idea of what progressive music is, you will find we have tried to include everything that falls into the various definitions of the genre.

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See Also:
  • Two Levels of Truth Records - Independent company with distribution resources for progressive musical progressive expression.
  • Record Heaven - Swedish company with interest in Progressive, Psych and specialty Symphonic. Also offering mailorder and distribution.
  • Riot of Colour Music - Releases obscure Progressive Rock. Based in the United rock Kingdom.
  • SKS Music - Features artist roster, news, reviews, tours, licensing information, and soundtracks.
  • Radiant Records - Albums and videos by Spock\'s Beard, Transatlantic, and related artists.
  • Verglas Music - English Progressive Rock label. Artists include Arena, Shadowland progressive and Oliver Wakeman. News, artist pages, newsletter, progressive store, and links.
  • Musea - A non-profit record label dedicated to the promotion of Progressive progressive Rock, Hardo Rock, and Metal. Features an online store.
  • Magna Carta Records - Music samples and information about recordings from artists including Cairo, rock Liquid Tension Experiment, Niacin, Steve Morse, Tiles, and Under the rock Sun.

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